Young Soccer Players Beats the 102º Heat With Lemonade Stand — Gets Surprise of a Lifetime

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When you’re given lemons, make lemonade. When it’s 102º degrees in the hot Nashville sun, get the surprise of a lifetime.

(Doesn’t the old adage go something like that?)

A couple of TikTok do-gooders, Lexy and Austin Burke, gave Niko some much-needed refreshments as the young soccer fan was trying to raise money to go to Portugal with his competitive soccer team.

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How a Couple of Strangers Helped Nike Achieve his Goal

Niko probably didn’t anticipate having to endure 102º heat in order to achieve his goal. He also probably didn’t think people from all over the United States would help him get there, either.

Niko — who’s a “center-attacking midfield” — had the opportunity to go to Portugal with his teammates.

The only problem? It was expensive.

The trip would cost more than $3,000 and with his father having to deal with the health issues of a family member, Niko was left with trying to raise a portion of the money himself.

Luckily, the TikTok dream-makers, Lexy and Austin, were close by.

The young soccer player was selling lemonade for $3 a glass when the happy-making couple showed up.

After initially meeting with Niko, Lexy and Austin made sure he’s stay put for a few more minutes, so they could go get him cold hard cash — the perfect remedy for a hot day.

Unbeknownst to Niko, as he sold glasses of lemonade in the hot sun, the Burkes watched from a nearby diner. And they were raising money for him, too.

The Burkes’ Crowdsource Cash and Goodwill Project

Lexy and Austin are self-proclaimed “serial tipper” TikTokers who have nearly two million followers on the popular social media platform.

They rely on Venmo donations from their followers to “make someone’s day.”

They make viral content and people get random donations from strangers — it’s a win-win.

Little Niko’s reaction is absolutely priceless and extremely wholesome:

By the time they approached Niko, a camera secretly rolling, the Burkes had raised $1,100 for the young man. They briefly engaged him in conversation, learned about his soccer team and the trip overseas, and then revealed that they had well over a thousand dollars for him.

Overcome with happiness and appreciation, Niko hugged Lexy, saying “What the heck!?” over and over. He then explained that their donation to him was enough to secure his trip. Then Niko immediately called his dad to share the good news.

Life certainly gave Niko lemons and boy oh boy, did he ever churn out some lemonade.

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