Woman Invites Her Mom to an “Airbnb” – Then Reveals the Truth About Why They Were Actually There

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Owning a house is a big deal. Not everyone can afford to purchase a home, which makes it a giant blessing for those who can. And when you finally get those keys to your first place, you can’t help but feel pride and excitement. You probably also want to share those celebratory vibes with those you love.

That’s why, when one woman in Jacksonville, Florida finally realized her dream of home ownership, she planned the ultimate prank on her mother and sister.

The Ultimate Prank

Nyomi Jackson spent a year building and putting her house together. It was a long and emotional journey that she shared on TikTok, revealing that in the final stretch, she was waking up super early and staying up late in order to put all of those final details into place.

Why? Jackson had invited her mom, Wanda Fields, and her younger sister, Nia, to her place, saying it was an Airbnb. She wanted everything to be perfect before they arrived.

“One of the things [my mom] has continuously imparted to me as well as my sisters is, ‘When you have a vision, move toward it, move toward it relentlessly,’” Jackson told Good Morning America. “And I knew I had a vision of my family being in my house.”

She added that it was important to her that everyone come to a “singular place” for the big reveal, and felt that her mom’s birthday was a great excuse to gather. After all, her mom had raised her and her sister in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City.

“So, I was very quiet. I would take calls in my closet. My mom would call, and I’d go into a small area so she couldn’t hear the echo,” she continued. “I just needed them to realize the full vision all at once. And so … based on my mom’s reaction, I think I did a pretty good job.”

A Priceless Reaction

When the big day arrived, Jackson filmed the entire thing and shared it in another TikTok video that has since grabbed more than 3 million views. Jackson captured her mom and sister entering the “Airbnb,” and her mom immediately commented on how much she liked the setup.

But then she noticed a divider that looked a lot like the one she’d given her daughter. She also recognized a painting of an elephant that Jackson had had for more than a decade.

“That’s not yours?” her mother asked.

“This is my house,” Jackson replied off-camera, and you could hear the smile in her voice.  

At first, her mom and sister didn’t believe her, but then their joy as they realized what was really going on was heartwarming. Her mom kept saying “Nyomi,” over and over again.

“For my mom to see me purchase my first house and do something really incredible, I think it speaks volumes to what’s possible,” Jackson said. “If you have a vision, you stick to it, and you make it happen.”

Stick To Your Vision

This video resonated with so many people because of how proud Fields obviously was of her daughter.

“When I see the video, sometimes I go over and just watch it,” she explained. “It’s like a pill you take that makes you happy. Everyone was celebratory of her, of her success, our family, friends from all over the world, and it just touches me, and it just makes me happy. It makes me cry.”

More importantly, Jackson wanted to share a message with people that her mother had always taught her: “If you have a vision, you stick to it, and you make it happen.”

It’s a great takeaway for when we’re struggling in our own lives. Jackson’s journey to home ownership wasn’t easy, but she stuck with it, had a plan, and kept going even when things were hard. All of that dedication eventually paid off.

Yes, she was also blessed, but Jackson inspires all of us to do the same. Whether it’s a dream job, a dream house, a dream relationship, or a dream vacation, having a clear vision and plan on how to achieve it is always the first step. Then, hopefully, with a little luck, manifestation, and hard work, those dreams can come true.

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