Why I Cried a Lot This Week and Last Day for the Bundle Sale


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an exhausting week. I had a busier, more stressful schedule than usual, my sons slept horribly (and had the meltdowns to prove it), and I cried on more days than one.

In the past I might have kept that a secret, as if it’s somehow shameful to collapse into a puddle of tears. But I don’t judge my sons when they do it; I just try to recognize their unmet needs and do the best I can to meet them. I also remind myself that emotional expression is also a need. And it’s my job as their mom to hear, honor, and validate those emotions.

So that’s what I’m going to do for myself this weekend: slow down, comfort myself, listen to my needs, and do what I can to meet them.

This used to be a big struggle for me—treating myself gently and kindly—and that’s a big part of why I decided to create my new Breaking Barriers to Self-Care program. Which I actually hate writing. It sounds very salesly and somewhat unnatural, but hey, it’s true!

I tried to create a journey through time in the 10 course modules, starting with childhood, when we all developed beliefs about self-care in general and the kind of care we specifically deserve; moving onto our teenage years, when many of us identified things that fuel and sustain us; culminating with our experiences in the present. With the stresses of adulting, the pressure to do it all (and do it perfectly), and the temptation to numb ourselves with unhealthy habits that directly oppose our desire to meet our deepest needs and thrive.

I then rounded out the program with several modules that can help you identify your unique needs, set internal and external boundaries, make a daily self-care plan that fits within your schedule, and begin identifying areas for more substantial change in your life.

I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve created because I think it truly can change lives. And I was thrilled to officially launch the course within the Best You, Best Life Bundle—so that I could offer you $2,600 worth of truly life-changing programs for the cost of mine alone.

Today is the last day to get this deal. Not sure if it’s worth the investment? Maybe this little list will help.

This bundle is for you if you want to do any of the following:

  • Get past the biggest barriers to self-care so you can get what you need to thrive in life.
  • Discover your life’s purpose and overcome the obstacles standing between you and your biggest goal.
  • Reduce anxiety and feel less emotionally overwhelmed as a highly sensitive person.
  • Sleep better at night and stress less in the day by learning how to calm your mind and adjust your daytime habits.
  • Master the skills needed to take things less personally in your relationship and create closeness, connection, and mutual understanding.
  • Drink less or stop drinking altogether so you can say goodbye to hangovers, brain fog, and anxiety and hello to motivation, productivity, and clear-headedness.
  • Recognize and release hurt from the past so you can forgive and move on from the pain that’s weighed you down.
  • Improve your intuition so you can make wiser choices and protect yourself from abusive people.

The bundle also includes courses on aquaponics (so you can grow your own pesticide-free food), reconnecting with your higher self through yoga, and boosting your energy by unlocking the secrets of your body’s energy systems.

I think these courses complement my new course nicely because they’re all really about taking care of yourself—empowering you to calm your mind, nourish your body, and level up in your work and relationships.

If you’d like to take advantage of this special offer while it’s still available, click here to learn more and claim your bundle.

I hope the courses are helpful to you!

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