What 70 HR Leaders Had to Say About Using Generative AI (i4cp login required)


How is generative AI (i.e. ChatGPT and other content-generating tools) used within large organizations—and specifically within HR—and what are the implications for the future of the function? i4cp recently hosted more than 70 senior HR leaders—members of our six Board groups, from CHROs to heads of DE&I—for an exciting conversation on the topic.

Top of mind for these leaders: how to effectively execute organizational strategy and unleash the innovative potential of AI to expand business opportunities while still protecting intellectual property and sensitive data.

The conversation made clear the potential for generative AI to completely transform HR and further enhance its strategic contribution to the business. Leaders shared specifics as to how they’re experimenting with generative AI in their organizations and thinking about using it going forward.

Key points from the discussion:

Current and Planned Use Cases

  • The first draft of learning and development curriculum
  • The first draft of performance reviews, using 360s, scorecards, and other internal review data
  • For recruiters, personalized interview guides unique to role and function
  • The first draft of performance curriculum, specifically vignettes to show managers how to have tough performance conversations
  • Personal assistant for the call center
  • Provide talking points to managers on how best to give feedback
  • Screening candidates
  • Drafting job descriptions
  • Expanding self-service capabilities
  • De-biasing the interview process
  • Personalization of the employee experience, including customized job descriptions, compensation strategies, development plans
  • Connecting skills database to labor market analytics to improve career navigation
  • Onboarding

Guidance for experimentation:

  • Have a governance council or group that includes HR to identify guardrails, develop policies, and select use cases to pilot
  • Be systematic and strategic in implementation of generative AI to transform policies and processes. For example, consider conducting a workforce activity analysis to understand how employees use their time and rethink processes from start to finish
  • Encourage employees to brainstorm use cases, identify criteria for piloting, and select a small number of those cases to test
  • Understand the output of generative AI is only as good as the quality and extent of the data on which it was trained
  • Have subject matter experts fact check what AI produces
  • Take an experimental approach to generative AI. Identify a test platform and then train the model on specific, secure internal data
  • Partner closely with HR tech, IT, R&D, and legal
  • Be mindful of your communication strategy about the use of generative AI and how it may disrupt the workforce (i.e., what is or is not being communicated to others)
  • Think about identifying  job or role skills  that will need to evolve
  • Provide training and development to build the skills your employees will need in the future to leverage generative AI

Want to know more about how HR is applying generative AI to maximize productivity? Additional resources and insights are forthcoming from i4cp:

  • HR Leaders’ AI Strategy Toolkit
  • HR & AI Survey findings summary report – overviews the global aggregate survey data
  • An i4cp report based on those findings (publishing Sept 2023) reveals the strategies, uses, and planned uses of generative AI for HR and talent at high-performance organizations
  • Members of the various i4cp executive boards can access a recording of our June 14, 2023 all-board virtual discussion about generative AI and HR on each respective board’s private web page.

To explore the latest performance topics challenging and engaging members of i4cp’s six executive boards, consider joining.

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