Uber Driver Has The Best Response To Lonely Passenger’s Touching Story

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On Monday night, Lina was traveling back home by Uber. On the way, she struck a conversation with the driver that seemed innocent at that moment.

She told him about how she had been feeling homesick recently and missed eating Bengali food as her family lives in Sudan.

She went on to say that because of the lack of communication from her loved ones, she felt extremely lonely in London.

A casual conversation

When Lina mentioned that she had been surviving on canteen food at work and hadn’t cooked food at home in weeks, the cab driver drove towards his house mid-journey and asked his wife to fix a plate of curry for his passenger.

While other drivers would have continued the conversation out of politeness, this particular Uber driver went above and beyond to comfort his passenger.

It’s the generosity of communion that holds us together. He even offered me rice as well, but I was like, no, please I have rice, this is too much.

Lina via her Twitter

A heartwarming gesture

The driver, however, insisted on grabbing some fresh home-cooked food for her to enjoy. The detour wasn’t planned, but after hearing Lina’s story, the cab driver felt the need to show her that there are people who cared for her.

He gave her a box of Murgir Lal Jhol, a Bengali chicken curry to take with her. The kind gesture shown to her by the Uber driver touched her heart so much so that she immediately took to Twitter to share her feelings of gratitude.

Generosity in times of isolation

In times of loneliness and isolation, an act of kindness such as the one the thoughtful Uber driver performed is precious. The feeling of having someone care for you, even if it is momentarily, will forever be remembered. This story shows that there are no boundaries for kindness and that you can make a person smile and make their day even by being a stranger. Sometimes an honest conversation can bring unexpected blessings into others’ lives. 

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Kindness Lasts Forever

Even a small act of kindness can have a lasting impact.

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