This 102-Year-Old Woman’s Secret To Living A Long And Happy Life Will Shock You

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One woman has found the secret to a long and happy life, and it’s a refreshingly unique perspective.

Many of us wonder how long we’ll live, and what our golden years will be like.

Joyce Jackman just set new life goals, and you’ll want to hear them.

The Essex woman just turned 102 years old, and the secret to her longevity may surprise you.

Joyce credits “good sex, and good sherry”, as well as a daily dose of chocolate, for helping her reach the age of 102, according to Daily Mail. This life motto may not be what you expected, and it’s a bit unconventional – but maybe that’s why it has worked so well for Joyce.

The 102-Year-Old’s refreshing outlook on life

Joyce’s personality is different than what most would expect from someone her age. She’s not frail or forgetful – quite the contrary- she’s sharp as a whip, full of comedic antics, and always ready to have a great time.

She proved that age is nothing more than a number by living a long and happy life. Joyce Jackman isn’t just surviving – she’s thriving, and at the age of 102, she’s still enjoying every moment of her life.

Her sense of humor is as contagious as it is magnetic, and she has single-handedly put a whole new spin on the aging process.

Joyce’s secret to living a long life is packed with perks that many people can easily get on board with.  Her personality is bigger than the room, and her energy seeps through every word she utters. 

She had a few words of wisdom to share with her family and friends at the Care UK’s Silversprings, Thorrington, as she reflected on the long and wonderful life she has lived.

“I can’t believe I’m 102 — it must be all the chocolate I eat that’s helped!” she said.

Joyce’s Refreshing (And Spicy) Attitude

The energetic senior worked in a sweet shop in her younger years and went on to join the RAF as a chef during World War Two.

She married her childhood sweetheart, Terence Jackman, in 1945, and the couple remained together until he passed away. They did not have any children.

Joyce’s positive attitude and thirst for living life to the fullest have proven to be infectious. Her zest for life has kept her young and has kept those around her feeling equally youthful, and inspired.

She has made quite an impact in the community and is a beloved member of the home.

Joanne Rix, Home Manager at Silversprings shared her feelings about the very special resident in her care.

“Joyce is a much-loved resident at the home – she’s always making us laugh with her fantastic sense of humor and outlook on life,” she said.

“It was wonderful to be part of her special day.”

She was surrounded by loved ones and friends on her special day, and a cake was brought out as part of the well-deserved celebration.

The young-at-heart 102-year-old enjoyed the festivities so much she “didn’t want the day to end.”

“I had such a lovely day,” she said. Also read: SHUT UP! Jamie Lee Curtis Wins First Oscar at 64, Proves ‘Aging Gracefully,’ – Absolutely Magnificent

She’s Not Just Surviving, She’s Thriving

Joyce enjoys keeping her mind busy with regular crossword puzzles and stays on top of the daily newspaper when she’s not soaking up the birthday love. Yet another example of her desire to stay on top of her game.

“We were honoured to raise a glass of sherry to Joyce’s incredible life so far and are privileged to have her as part of our Silversprings family,” Joanne said.

Good sex, good sherry, and chocolate were the perfect blend for Joyce for 102 years – we can’t wait to see what next year’s celebration looks like.


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