The Rise of Damien Rider – Extreme Endurance Adventurer | Surviving Unimaginable Abuse

✪ Damien Rider, Multiple World Record holder, Extreme Adventure Athlete and author, suffered from extreme child abuse that left him with PTSD and led him to attempt suicide several times. However, he forced himself to face his demons and he found healing through spending time in the ocean. Eventually he broke records in something that he barely spent 5 minutes doing – paddle boarding.

By purposely pushing himself through physical, mental, and emotional stress, it allowed him to process a lot of what he went through and to eventually calm his mind. This freed him, and he later created an association to help others who went through what he did growing up.

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Damien Rider’s Abusive Childhood
02:49 – Searching for his Real Father
04:02 – PTSD and Attempting Suicide
05:05 – Finding Answers – The Road to Healing
06:30 – Persistence to Overcome
07:50 – Calmness, Breaking Records and Paying it Forward

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