The Complete Guide To The Alumni of Grey’s Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?

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Where 👏 Are 👏 They 👏 Now 👏: The Complete Guide to every single Grey’s Anatomy alum who pissed off Shonda Rhimes and got CUT from the longest-running prime-time medical drama of all time!!!


((but not really))

I want you to know there are so many *spoilers* in here and yet this show has so 👏 much 👏 drama you won’t even remember the spoilers by the time you’re done!

Half gossip column/half unofficial Grey’s Anatomy encyclopedia *THIS ARTICLE* explores all the on-screen and behind-the-scenes Grey’s Anatomy drama.

We take a look at some of the most beloved Grey’s Anatomy characters (Cristina Yang) and some not-so-beloved (Preston Burke); what happened to them and where are they now?

And we’re warning you, it’s in-depth.

If you want to jump to one of your favorite characters or actors

Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Active: Season 1-2

Who Was Denny Duquette?

Denny Duquette was one of the best characters on the show, you hear me?

Denny was a dying patient at Seattle Grace Hospital (back when it was called Seattle Grace Hospital*)

*I SWEAR Shonda Rhims’ favorite past time is re-naming this hospital (over 19 seasons it’s called: 1). Seattle Grace Hospital 2). Seattle Grace Mercy West 3). Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Denny Duquette is hot and cool and charming and rich (classic) and he falls in love with surgical intern Dr. Izzie Stevens (swoon)! 🫶

Except Denny is, y’know, DYING (boo).

Like big time.

He needs a heart transplant (not easy to come by), but his main storyline is that he’s falling in love with Izzie while he’s waiting for a heart.

*Everything I know about cutting LVAD wires I learned from this show*.

How Was Denny Duquette Written Off?

Denny’s death story is the first time Shonda literally PLAYS with our hearts!

* Bless our hearts * it was season 2 and we were so naive! We didn’t know then that Shonda’s like the George R.R. Martin of killing off characters.

Denny finally gets a heart!!!??

And then literally dies.

After it’s been put inside him!!


*No no no, I actually can’t even do this right now*.

I just saw this image:


Omg and 🥺 Dr. Alex Karev 🥺 (who totally does love Izzie even though she loves Denny) !!!

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 110/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Now?

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan *not to be confused with Javier Bardem* BECAUSE THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME??!



While Javier Bardem was doing other shit, Jeffery Dean Morgan starred in Watchmen and Spielberg’sThe Post—Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s main thing is he stars in (and hasn’t been killed off) the WALKING DEAD!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is *also* married to Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill Fame. The teen drama starring Chad Michael Murray who still has me blocked on Instagram.

Getty Images

Look at them! A Network-TV-Couple Match Made in Heaven 🌤️ (right behind Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen)

Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Preston Burke / Shonda Rhimes

Active: Seasons 1-3

Status: Dead to Shonda Rhimes

Who Was Dr. Preston Burke?

Dr. Preston Burke was a Grey’s Anatomy O.G!

He came onto the scene in Season 1, as the Cardiothoracic Surgeon with no bedside manner and a big ego BUT of course, deep down he had a good heart.

Dr. Burke was known for his exceptional surgical skills, dedication to his craft, and his demanding nature.

He had an INSANE relationship with Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Cristina Yang (Queen) which ended in MARRIAGE and then eventually divorce! (Yang cannot be tamed).

How Was Dr. Preston Burke Written Off?


Yes, you read that right!

But the reason for Dr. Preston Burke’s abrupt departure is even MORE WILD

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 45/100 🌡️


Shonda Rhimes cut Isaiah Washington’s character with no warning for the actor after a *controversial* behind-the-scenes incident.

According to Shonda Rhimes and The Grey’s Anatomy Family: Washington used homophobic slurs on set.

The Story According to Harry Werksman (Former Screenwriter on Grey’s Anatomy):

  • Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) were big dogging each other one day on set.
  • Washington confronted Dempsey because he “felt disrespected that he and the crew had been waiting.”
  • Dempsey told Washington came to the set late in order “to pay back Isaiah” for arriving late to set on an earlier shooting day
  • Then it got physical!
  • Allegedly, Washington pushed Dempsey and said he couldn’t “talk to [him] the way you talk to” Knight, whom he referred to using the homophobic slur.
  • Katherine Heigl and others on set broke up the fight, but the damage was done.
  • The fight was leaked to the media and affected T.R. Knight on a personal level
  • Knight wasn’t “out” before the slur (apparently he didn’t even really know he was gay) and was forced to come out to his family and the press.

Since the incident, Isaiah has maintained his slurs weren’t directed at anyone in particular.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?

But Shonda Rhimes didn’t give a f**k. She fired his ass without notice and wrote his character off the show, off-screen.

Dr. Preston Burke’s story ends with him abruptly leaving Cristina Yang at the altar and resigning from Seattle Grace Hospital.

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Isaiah Washington Now?

Getty Images

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah Washington has continued his acting career, playing Thelonious Jaha in the sci-fi series The 100 and currently starring in CW’s All American as Coach Montes.

Isaiah Washington has also been involved in activism and humanitarian efforts. He has worked with organizations focused on issues such as human rights, education, and healthcare.

Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr.Addison Montgomery / Shonda Rhimes
Karen Neal/Disney General Entertainment 

Active: Seasons 1-8 and 18-19

Who Was Dr. Addison Montgomery?

She’s Dr. Derek Shepherd’s ex-wife!!!

She’s also a world-renowned OBGYN but who really cares, we all know we watch Grey’s for the love triangles.

Dr. Montgomery busts into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to win Derek back but then it’s this whole thing because Meredith didn’t know Shepherd was married and then she’s all “you’re cheating on your wife with me!!”, “I don’t want to be with you anymore Derek” (but secretly she does)

and then suddenly Meredith’s all “pick me, choose me, love me” (and coins my fave TikTok trend)


[*I totally drunk texted a dude once who unfortunately actually was in medical school…and had just started watching Grey’s Anatomy because I got him onto like he had like JUST SEEN the “pick me girl” episode…so he texted me back being like …is that from Grey’s Anatomy? and then all I could do was be like …no… And then order McDonald’s, fall asleep before it arrived, and try not to KMS in the morning.*]

Spoiler Alert: We are not together, and I am an alcoholic!

How Was Dr. Addison Montgomery Written Off?

We ended up loving Dr. Addison Montgomery because we find out that even though she did cheat on Derek with his best friend, she also did have a miscarriage. And felt like Derek secretly hated her (which, low key he kinda did).

Shonda Rhimes obviously loved Addison’s character (or maybe just was a big Kate Walsh fan) because while the 4-Time Emmy Nominated showrunner wrote Addison off Grey’s Anatomy, but wrote her on to her very own spin-off series Private Practice.

Set in sunny Los Angles, Private Practice centers on Addison’s new life and career, after escaping the Toxic Meredith/Derek Love Triangle.

Basically, Addison becomes the *New Meredith Grey* of her own show!

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: N/A 🌡️

Since “Leaving” Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Kate Walsh Now?

DAMN IT! I just told you!!

Private Practice! Duh! The show aired from 2007-2013 with a solid six-season run, but that’s not all Kate’s done since.

Arguably, Kate Walsh is one of the more successful actors outside The Grey’s Anatomy Universe (Private Practice and Station 19 are two-spinoffs)

Walsh starred as the lead in network comedy Bad Judge (2015) portraying Rebecca Wright who’s like a cross between Judge Judy and Courtney Love.

Walsh’s TV career continued to hold up in court, also worked on some other respectable TV series like Fargo, 13 Reasons Why, Umbrella Academy as well as the feature film Girls Trip.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?
Getty Images

In addition to her acting career, Kate Walsh is also an activist and philanthropist. She’s worked closely with organizations like Much Love Animal Rescue, Operation Smile, and UNICEF.

Dr. George O’Malley (T.R. Knight)

Active: Seasons 1-6

Who Was George O’Malley’?

Okay, Grey’s Anatomy fans really were obsessed with George even though personally I never understood it…

His crush on Meredith was honestly annoying, but fans seem to think this short king was loyal and lovable.

For the record, I think he was a simp.

At one point he gets romantic with Izzie and then unrelated, enlists in the military?

How Was George O’Malley Written Off?

This was definitely a Top 5 Grey’s Anatomy Death!

George O’Malley is a patient in Grey’s after getting in a fatal accident while saving a stranger’s life. Except, his injuries are so severe, his colleagues at Grey Sloan initially don’t recognize him due to the extent of his trauma.

Meredith figures it out too late, when George, who can’t speak due to his injuries, signs “007” (a nickname he earned in Season 1).

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 95/100 🌡️ (not for me but for everyone else)

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is T.R. Knight Now?

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, T.R. Knight has had a recurring role in the legal drama The Good Wife and starred in a handful of theatre productions.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?

Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Izzie Stevens / Shonda Rhimes

Who was Dr. Izzie Stevens?

Dr. Izzie Stevens was another Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 OG.

Yes, Izzie dated half the show (Dr. Karev, Dr. O’Malley, Denny Duquette) but we honestly love her for it.

She fought for her patients and often went above and beyond for them—like the time she MARRIED one??

How Was Dr. Izzie Stevens Written Off?

Dr. Izzie Steven’s story ends with her randomly just “resigning” from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

If that sounds suspicious…it’s cause it is!!!




Katherine Heigl and Shonda Rhimes had 🥩 BEEF 🥩

While she was on Grey’s, Katherine Heigl was popping off and understandably wanted to leave the show.

Heigl was the breakout start from Grey’s Anatomy. After landing the life-changing role in 2005, Heigel starred in blockbuster after blockbuster filming in between her demanding Grey’s schedule: Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Killers, and Life As We Know It.

The controversy kicked off when Katherine Heigl withdrew herself from the Emmy Consideration.

“I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination, to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my name from contention.”

-Katherine Heigl’s Statement

Allegedly, Shonda Rhimes and the other Grey’s Anatomy producers took offense to Heigl’s statement and wrote her off the show.

Izzie leaves Seattle Grace to undergo cancer off-screen and eventually resigns as a surgical resident.

Similar to Dr. Preston Burke’s storyline, Dr. Izzie Steven’s departure was not shown on-screen, and her character’s story was left open-ended.

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 80/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Katherine Heigl Now?

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has been on the receiving end of some industry backlash!! And unfortunately, her career trajectory suffered as a result.

The actress earned herself a bad rap around Hollywood and has spoken numerous times about how she thinks this character assessment is unfair.

Despite her “diva reputation”, Katherine Heigl managed to maintain a pretty solid career in film—which is notoriously a hard transition for TV actors to make.

She’s since starred in New Year’s Eve, One For The Money, Suits, and Netflix’s Firefly Lane.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?

Recently Katherine Heigel reunited with former co-star Ellen Pompeo for Variety. The Grey’s Anatomy alums discussed the early days of the show and the controversy around Heigl’s exit.

Dr. Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr.Lexie Grey / Shonda Rhimes

Active: Seasons 3-8

Who Was Dr. Lexie Grey?

If the surname didn’t give it away, Lexie was Dr. Meredith Grey’s half-sister!!


When Dr. Lexie Grey began working at Seattle Grace Hospital, she didn’t tell anyone she had the same father as Meredith Grey—not even Meredith!

However when her secret was revealed Meredith and Lexie developed a deep and meaningful relationship which made the character’s departure all the more heartbreaking.

How Was Dr. Lexie Grey Written Off?


The Season Eight Finale rocked fans as half of the core Grey’s Anatomy cast ended up in a plane crash, stranded in the wilderness.

Lexie, trapped under the debris, says goodbye to Meredith and dies in Mark Sloan’s arms (her on-again/off-again lover + hottest doctor on the show).

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 90/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Chyler Leigh Now?

After leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Chyler Leigh landed the role of Alex Danvers in the superhero TV series Supergirl. The role gained Leigh pretty significant recognition from the dedicated superhero fan base.

It’s worth noting that after her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Chyler Leigh took a break from acting to focus on her personal life and mental health. She has been open about her struggles with bipolar disorder and has since become an advocate for mental health awareness.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?

Dr. Mark Sloan “McSteamy” (Eric Dane)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Mark Sloan/ Shonda Rhimes

Active: Seasons 2-9

Who Was Dr. Mark Sloan?

Dr. Mark Sloan AKA “McSteamy,” was introduced in the second season of the show as a 🔥 HOT plastic surgeon 🔥 and a former best friend of Dr. Derek Shepherd.

*Former* because Dr. Mark Sloan slept with Addison AKA Derek’s Wife back when they all lived in NEW YORK!

Dr. Mark Sloan has a charismatic surgeon/playboy reputation—and dates everyone on the show — AS HE SHOULD! Including Addison Montgomery, Lexie Grey, Callie Torres, and ALL OF DEREK’S SISTERS! 🥵 Good for him.

How Was Dr. Mark Sloan Written Off?

This is a Top 5 Grey’s Anatomy Death!

Following the aftermath of THE PLANE CRASH EPISODE, Dr. Mark Sloan was severely injured and was in a COMA at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Mark Sloan dies (MURDERED BY SHONDA RHIMES) but obviously, she liked these characters because they were good deaths. Very Emotional!

Right before he dies, Mark has made good on his playboy reputation. As a reformed man, admitted he was in love with Lexie and become best friends with Derek again 😩

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 99/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Eric Dane Now?

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Dane has continued his career in TV starring in: The Last Ship, Grey Lady, The Fix, and HBO’s Euphoria.

Eric Dane’s performance as lead Tom Chandler in The Last Ship earned him critical acclaim and solidified his spot as a leading actor in television.

However, it may be his supporting role as *certified creep* in HBO’s Euphoria that will give Eric Dane’s career just the kick it needs. HBO is notorious for its bottle rocket casting—giving actors the industry recognition/credibility they need to take their careers to the next level.

Eric Dane has 4 upcoming feature films this year: Bad Boys 4, One Fast Move, Dangerous Waters, and Borderline.

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Eric Dane

What does this mean?

I think Eric Dane’s about to pop off!

GOAT Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Cristina Yang / Shonda Rhimes
Kelsey McNeal / American Broadcasting Companies

Active: Seasons 1-10

Who Was Dr.Cristina?

Sandra Oh IS Grey’s Anatomy.

In fact, they should have called it Yang’s Anatomy, ok??

You could cut the whole Grey’s Anatomy cast except Yang and we’d all still be down.

Everyone knows: Cristina Yang is the character we all want to be.

If Meredith Grey is ‘the Carrie Bradshaw’ (yawn) Cristina Yang is ‘the Samantha Jones’!

**And if you think that Sex and The City reference came out of nowhere, think again! When Shonda Rhimes pitched Grey’s Anatomy, she solid executives on the idea by framing the 19-season-series as Sex and The City in a hospital**

Dr. Cristina Yang is an ambitious, highly skilled, and fiercely competitive cardiothoracic surgeon. She’s also Meredith Grey’s best friend (shout out to the “twisted sisters”).

Cristina Yang dates two doctors she’s superior to; Dr. Preston Burke and Dr. Owen Hunt, before realizing, she doesn’t need a man, and she’s actually just better than all of them.

Sandra Oh received several Primetime Emmy nominations, for her performance as Cristina Yang.

How Was Dr. Cristina Yang Written Off?

This is a Top 5 Grey’s Anatomy Death!

We know Shonda Rhimes loves her some Cristina Yang.

In the tenth season of the show, Cristina is offered a position at The Klausman Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, under the mentorship of her former flame Dr. Preston Burke.

Because Yang is the GOAT, she pursues the opportunity.

Cristina Yang’s last episode IS ALL HEART.

Her last scenes with her best friend Meredith Grey are a beautiful end to *one of TV’s best female friendships*.

The episode ends with her final scene. Cristina stands on the tarmac, ready to board a plane to Zurich, and it cuts to her giving Meredith one last piece of advice in THE MOST ICONIC LINE OF GREY’S ANATOMY:

“He’s not the sun. You are.”

It’s the best line Shonda Rhimes ever written.

Dr. Yang’s absence has been acknowledged in subsequent seasons, with occasional references to her and updates on her life. However, Cristina has not made a physical return to the show since her departure.

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 99/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Sandra Oh Now?

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh has, respectfully, KILLED it.

Out of everyone to leave Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra’s done the best for herself. Oh’s most notable role is in the widely successful TV Drama Killing Eve where she plays the title character Eve Polastri alongside Jodie Comer.

In 2019, Sandra Oh took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting in A Series, Mini Series, or Television Film.

Similar to her former co-star Eric Dane, Sandra Oh has 4 upcoming projects slated for this year: The Sympathizer, The Tiger’s Apprentice, Invincible, and The Untitled Sister Comedy Project.

Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Derek Shepherd / Shonda Rhimes
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Active: Seasons 1- 11

Who Was Dr. Derek Shepherd?


Dr. Derek Shepherd!!

Dr. Derek Shepherd AKA “McDreamy,” was a HUGE CHARACTER on Grey’s Anatomy.

We meet Derek in the first scene of the show, getting kicked out of Meredith Grey’s house after a 🔥 slutty evening 🔥

We think he’s a one-night stand BUT THINK AGAIN!

On Meredith’s first day as a surgical intern, she realizes Dr. Derek Shepherd is the head of neurosurgery at Seattle Grace Hospital.

AKA Meredith Grey, slept with her boss!

Dr. Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey’s on-again, off-again relationship is filled with ups and downs and is probably the most central storyline of Grey’s Anatomy.

*Don’t get it twisted though*

Derek is a good guy!

He’s a compassionate and respected doctor who cared deeply for his patients and is a mentor to the other, younger, doctors.

How Was Dr. Derek Shepherd Written Off?

Okay, so this one is crazy.

Derek gets in a car accident and is (obviously) brought to a hospital…but here’s the catch: he’s not brought to Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital.

The ambulance takes him to this tiny hospital, with incompetent doctors, and as the story tragically goes, due to a series of complications and medical negligence, Derek dies from a fatal brain injury.

This obviously sends Meredith over the edge, but of course, the question is…WHY would Shonda Rhimes kill off her second biggest character??

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 100/100 🌡️


THERE WERE REPORTS OF TENSIONS between Shonda Rhimes and Patrick Dempsey.

In interviews, Shonda Rhimes claimed the choice to write off Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr. Derek Shepherd, was a “creative choice” for the show.

However, we’re all pretty sure she’s LYING!

Once again we turn to the Lynette Rice (Entertainment Journalist’s) New York Best Seller, How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy! The unauthorized tell all claims:

There were [Human Resources] issues… sort of terrorizing the set… He had this hold on the set where he knew he could stop production and scare people.” If Dempsey had complaints about scheduling or the way scenes were shot, production had to pause to hear him out. While that should be a common practice on tv and film sets, former executive producers allege that Dempsey’s disruptions were simply because he felt like he was “done” with the show at that point. Parriott further explained that meetings with the network, studio, and actors were held to discuss Dempsey and that he “didn’t like the inconvenience of coming in every day and working.

Grey’s Anatomy Producers: James D. Parriott and Jeannine Renshaw





You will not cheat on your wife ON SHONDA RHIMES’ WATCH.

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Patrick Dempsey Now?

Shonda Rhimes/ The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now?
Walt Disney Company/Getty Images

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey has been involved in a few projects like feature films: Bridget Jones’s Baby and Enchanted 2.

Patrick Dempsey’s acting career trajectory didn’t exactly hit skyward after leaving Grey’s Anatomy BUT the actor is very involved with motorsports.

He’s participated in various racing events and is a co-owner of Dempsey-Proton Racing (a motorsport team that has competed in endurance racing), including the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Dempsey has also been active in philanthropy and advocacy, particularly in the field of cancer research and support. He founded the Dempsey Center, a nonprofit organization that provides support services to individuals and families impacted by cancer.

So…I’m thinking he saved a pretty penny from 11 seasons and probably has a pretty good investment portfolio because founding a non-profit and owning a motorsports team ain’t cheap!! 💸

Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Callie Torres / Shonda Rhimes
ABC/Getty Images

Active: Seasons 2-12

Who Was Dr. Callie Torres?

Dr. Callie Torres is an Orthopedic Surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who randomly dates Dr. George O’Malley for a hot minute and then marries Dr. Arizona Robbins (a better match).

How Was Dr. Callie Torres Written Off?

Dr. Callie Torres made her final appearance on Grey’s Anatomy in the twelfth season, when she decides to leave Seattle and move to New York City with her daughter Sofia.

There were mixed reactions on Dr. Torres’ exeunt from the show because at this point she’s effectively f*cked Dr. Arizona Robbins (who was a fan fave).

She amputates Dr. Robbins’ leg (THE PLANE CRASH EPISODE STRIKES AGAIN), divorces Dr. Robbins (the aforementioned missing leg made Robbins a wee bit sour at home) and then TAKES THEIR KID SOFIA TO NEW YORK, on the technical grounds that Sofia is not actually Arizona’s kid and is the result of glorified sperm donor *Mark Sloan*

That being said, I still f*ck with Torres.

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 75/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Sara Ramirez Now?

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sara Ramirez has GONE FOR IT!

The Tony-Winning Actress joined the cast of the political series Madam Secretary and stars in HBO’s Sex and The City Reboot: And Just Like That..., as podcast hots Che Diaz.

The outspoken LGBTQ+ Activist also released her debut EP, “Sara Ramirez” (2011). When she is not performing she continues to advocate for various social justice issues, speaking out on topics like immigration reform, reproductive rights, and racial justice.

Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Stephanie Edward / Shonda Rhimes
Getty Images

Active: Seasons 9-13

Who Was Dr. Stephanie Edwards?

Dr. Stephanie Edwards is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and the show tried to pitch her as the new Cristina Yang but it didn’t really land.

Stephanie develops mentor-student relationships with attending physicians, including Dr. Richard Webber and Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Dr. Stephanie Edward’s *main* romantic relationship is with Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), but I could never get behind this cause I was a *Japril Shipper*

How Was Dr. Stephanie Edwards Written Off?

Dr. Stephanie Edwards essentially gets PTSD after an injury during a fire at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In recovery, Dr. Stephanie Edwards decides to leave the medical field entirely and pursue a different passion.

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 45/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Jerrika Hinton Now?


Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Jerrika Hinton joined the cast of HBO drama series Here and Now, Amazon Prime’s Hunters, and Love, Victor (a TV spin-off of the LGBTQ+ romance Love, Simon)

Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Arizona Robbins / Shonda Rhimes

Active: Seasons 5-14

Who Was Dr. Arizona Robbins?

Dr. Arizona Robbins is a Pediatric Surgeon known for her cheerful and upbeat personality.

That is until her leg gets amputated by her soon-to-be ex-wife Callie Torres.

Losing her leg brings up some suppressed sh*t for Dr. Robbins and needless to say, she’s not all that cheerful in Season 9!

Notably, Dr. Arizona Robbin’s work relationship with Alex Karev is a favorite of Grey’s Anatomy fans!

How Was Dr. Arizona Robbins Written Off?

Dr. Arizona Robbins leaves Grey’s Anatomy in the show’s 14th season. T

Dr. Robbins accepts a job offer in New York City, to be closer to her daughter Sofia, who is living with her ex-wife, Dr. Callie Torres, in New York.

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 80/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Jessica Capshaw Now?

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw starred in Netflix Romantic Comedy Holidate. Capshaw plays Emma Robert’s older sister. She made several guest appearances in TV shows like The Rookie and MacGyver.

Acting-wise, Jessica Capshaw hasn’t exactly shot out of the Grey’s Anatomy cannon, though it seemed her departure was something the Producer’s pushed rather than Capshaw herself.

THAT BEING SAID, Capshaw is a big philanthropist! She works with a whole array of organizations like the Joyful Heart Foundation; a non-profit that aids survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.

AND EVEN THOUGH IF YOU GOOGLE “Jessica Capshaw Networth” it says “20 Million Dollars” I think she’s a helluva lot richer than that.

Most interestingly of all, Jessica Capshaw co-founded The Honest Company alongside Jessica Alba! The Honest Company is a wellness brand focused on producing safe and eco-friendly products for families—that was valued at $550 Million in 2022.



that’s like 4x the Net Worth of Shonda Rhimes.

Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. April Kepner / Shonda Rhimes

Active: Seasons 6-14

Who Was Dr. April Kepner?

April Kepner is the highly religious, Christian doctor who struggles with her self-confidence, but then is also a badass working alongside former Army Triage Doctor Owen Hunt in the E.R.

Even though she is a ginger, I RELATE TO HER, and she was (randomly) one of my fave characters.

April is in a constant love triangle with Dr. Jackson Avery and Parademic Matthew Taylor.

She marries Matthew (almost) until Jackson shows up and OBJECTS and then she leaves Matthew at the altar for Jackson, they have a baby together named Harriet and then break up and THEN IMAGINE THIS SHE GETS BACK TOGETHER WITH MATTHEW THAT’S HOW SHE LEAVES THE SHOW!!

How Was Dr. April Kepner Written Off?


She marries Matthew and then joins the U.S. Army as a Trauma Surgeon stationed in Jordan, providing medical aid to Syrian refugees.

The decision to write off April Kepner was met with mixed reactions from fans, cause everyone loved her!!!

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 90/100 🌡️


The tea on April Kepner’s Departure is cold, cause it’s kind of sad.

Actress Sarah Drew was actually really vocal about how she wanted to continue working on the show, even after her character was cut.


As of 2022, Ellen Pompeo makes $550,000 per Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff (aka Shonda Rhimes 2.0) was quick to dismiss this theory (obviously). Citing the same excuse they always do when cutting characters: “The decision to make changes to our cast was a creative one.”

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Sarah Drew Now?


Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew has found herself in Hallmark Land starring in made-for-TV-movies like: Cagney & Lacey and Once Upon a Main Street.

That being said, Drew stars in Freeform’s upcoming psychological thriller TV-Series Cruel Summer. Only time will tell if this gives Drew the career boost she needs!

Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Alex Karev / Shonda Rhimes

Seasons Active: 1-16

Who Was Dr. Alex Karev?

Dr. Alex Karev is a Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 OG.

Over the course of 16 seasons and 360 episodes, Dr. Alex Karev evolves from a sarcastic, arrogant intern who wants to follow in Dr. Mark Sloan’s footsteps and specializes in “Plastics” (which is like The Tech Bros of The Medical Industry) into a skilled and compassionate Pediatric Surgeon who sports pink scrubs on the daily!

When Dr. Yang leaves, Alex Karev takes over as Meredith Grey’s new bestie.

Karev’s two big relationships in Grey’s Anatomy are with Dr. Izzie Stevens and Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington).

How Was Dr. Alex Karev Written Off?

The Short Version: In an incredibly random turn of events, Alex Karev ditches his wife Jo Wilson in order to be with Izzie Stevens, who after like 10 years sends him a letter saying she lives on a farm with their children that he didn’t even know existed.

The Long Version: We don’t even know why he leaves for one whole season?? He just ditches his wife Jo Wilson and then over a sh*tload of episodes it’s revealed he reunited with his ex-wife Dr. Izzie Stevens, whom he discovers has given birth to twins that were conceived using frozen embryos created during their relationship. (Ya’ll Shonda Rhimes was stretching with this one)

In his letters to Meredith (and other characters), Alex explains that he has made the decision to be with Izzie and their children over his life in Seattle.

He apologizes for VANISHING without saying goodbye and in particular—to his wife HE DIDN’T EVEN DIVORCE aka Dr. Jo Wilson.

While MANY FANS thought Karev’s abrupt departure was INSANE, Showrunner Krista Vernoff said it was a “creative decision” (classic) made by the show’s writers to give closure to Alex Karev’s storyline.

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Justin Chambers Now?

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Alex Karev / Shonda Rhimes
Nicole Wilder/PARAMOUNT+ 

Justin Chambers made the decision to leave after being on Grey’s Anatomy for so many years to “diversify his acting roles and career choices”.

Only time will tell if this was the right move. Chambers plays the iconic role of Marlon Brando in Paramount+ Mini Series The Offer, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes making of The Godfather.

Hopefully, Chambers’ portrayal of the industry’s iconic leading man Brando, will snag him the recognition he needs to book more work. Good things take time!

Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? / Shonda Rhimes
Scott Everett White/ABC

Active: Seasons 10-19

Who Was Dr. Maggie Pierce?

Dr. Maggie Pierce is a child genius turned Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Meredith Grey’s *OTHER HALF-SISTER*

Dr. Maggie Pierce begins working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without knowing she is the true child of Dr. Richard Webber and Dr. Ellis Grey (Meredith’s Mother).

How Was Dr. Maggie Pierce Written Off?

Dr. Maggie Pierce is ditching Seattle for an opportunity in Chicago??

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 85/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Kelly McCreary Now?

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Alex Karev / Shonda Rhimes
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

According to her last social media post, it looks like she’s in her backyard…

This *JUST* happened, so only time will tell!

Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Andrew Deluca / Shonda Rhimes

Who Was Dr. Andrew DeLuca?

Active: Seasons 11-14

Dr. Andrew DeLuca is a surgical intern that starts hooking up with Meredith Grey but not before dating her half-sister Maggie Pierce.

Honestly, DeLuca never did it for me, and I’m not *glad* he’s dead…but I’m like sad about it either.

How Was Dr. Andrew DeLuca Written Off?

Dr. DeLuca tried o save a patient from a human trafficking operation, but then everyone thought he was *crazy* and then DeLuca learned he was *bipolar* but then somehow, the human trafficking thing came back a season later and he was *right about the whole thing* but still bipolar

Also at one point Karev almost beats DeLuca to death?? By accident??

We don’t know but DeLuca somehow gets involved in the human trafficking operation and gets stabbed to death 😂

I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s too funny??

💔 Heartbreak-O-Meter: 2/100 🌡️

Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Giacomo Gianniotti Now?

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Nathan Riggs / Shonda Rhimes / Giacomo

Since his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Giacomo Gianniotti has starred in TV series The Italian Americans and LA’s Finest.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum also starred in feature films Acquainted, The Old Guard, and Books of Blood.

Giacomo Gianniotti also directed a short film titled The Quarantine Bunch, which isn’t saying much because everyone and their dog has a short film.

Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)

The Complete Guide To The Cast of Grey's Anatomy: What Happened and Where Are They Now? Dr. Nathan Riggs / Shonda Rhimes
Richard Cartwright/Getty Images

Active: Seasons 12-14

Who Was Dr. Nathan Riggs?

Dr. Nathan Riggs is a hot Cardiothoracic Surgeon and randomly dated Dr. Owen Hunt’s sister Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), before she was abducted by terrorists *no that’s a real storyline look it up*.

Hunt hates Riggs because he used to date his sister and Riggs wants to bone Meredith Grey.

How Was Dr. Nathan Riggs Written Off?

Dr. Riggs GETS A PHONE CALL from his former fiancée, Megan Hunt, who HE THOUGHT WAS KILLED BY TERRORISTS, that she’s not dead but alive.

And honestly…this moment f*cking kills me. Points for Shonda Rhimes.


Since Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: Where is Martin Henderson Now?

Martin Henderson is still hot and thankfully you can catch him on Netflix OriginalVirgin River!

*wipes brow*

We did it.

The year is 2075.

Grey’s Anatomy is going onto its 70th season and I am rioting in the nursing home because somehow the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial have made a scientific breakthrough and have managed to bring Derek Shepherd back from the dead (and not just in a dream sequence)!

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