Struggling 72-Year-Old Raising 6 Children Alone Breaks Down When She Finds Touching Surprise At Her Door

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Seventy-two-year-old Ella Setzler is raising six children all by herself. After first raising her own children, then several grandchildren, the great-grandmother is now raising six great-grandchildren.

Devoted grandmother

The circumstances surrounding their situation are unclear, but Ella rescued the young siblings from a bad situation and gave them a loving, supportive home.

Paying for the house, car, utilities, and groceries all alone, the military widow from Las Vegas was having trouble making ends meet. Paying down the water bill that had reached $900 due to a leak just wasn’t possible. And Ella assumed Christmas was out of the question.

Thankfully, she had someone watching her back.

Alicestine Miller- Ella’s best friend who lives in California- was worried about her and came up with a surprise.

“She cooks. She cleans for the children. She’s truly just a good person,” Alice told Fox5.

I want her to know that someone cares.

Alice Miller to Fox5

Alice contacted the Fox5 Surprise Squad and a slew of unexpected kindness showed up on Ella’s doorstep.

“We’re like sisters. She checks on me all the time,” Ella told Fox5 when she answered the door and they told her Alice had sent them.

Bundle of surprises

First, the squad surprised Ella with her best friend, Alice. Then, they whisked the ladies off in a black limousine to a spa day while the squad got to work.

When the two friends returned, Ella opened the door to a house full of surprises.

Rebuilding Together and Aqua Plumbing took care of the water issues and repairs and paid the balance of her water bill. RC Willey and America First Credit Union also participated. Ella found the house completely furnished and decorated for Christmas. The Christmas tree had gifts and $500 gift certificates for each child underneath it and a $500 Albertsons gift card for Ella to cook some delicious meals.

The final surprise: United Nissan paid the rent on the home for the next year.

It’s so beautiful. Y’all have made my year.

Ella Setzler to Fox5

Coming through in a crisis

The looks on the children’s faces when they entered the home were priceless. “It’s a big Christmas miracle,” one child said. “So, I would say this is the best day of my life.”

“It’s like I was in a dream but I’m not,” another one said.  

Just love God and he’ll love you back and he’ll make you have a Merry Christmas. It’s not about the presents it’s about a love in your family.

One of the children to Fox5

A good friend isn’t defined in a particular way. But one thing is for sure, like Alice, a good friend looks out for you, always has your back, and is someone you can depend on during a crisis.

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be a good friend

“True friends are those rare people who come to find you in dark places and lead you back to the light.” – Anonymous

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