Retiring Teacher Left Stunned When Her Students – Past and Present – Surprised Her at Disney, Her Favorite Place

Inspiring Stories

There has undoubtedly been a teacher throughout your learnings that has stood out as being particularly inspirational.

Sometimes there’s a moment when a teacher truly connects with a student in a meaningful way, and a powerful connection is formed.

A retiring teacher has been making waves online after a viral video showed the raw emotion of all the students — past and present — that she impacted.

A Devoted Teacher of 42 Years Builds Up Big Following

Mercy Maranges worked as a Pre-K teacher for a total of 42 years.

She devoted her time and energy to her students and did everything she could to better their school experience, not knowing that one day, her students would do something absolutely incredible to show her how much they truly appreciated everything she did for them, according to Disney Fanatic.

Mrs. Maranges worked at Saints Peter and Paul in Miami, Florida for the last 33 years of her career.

As a Pre-K teacher, she was the first teacher that her students had ever experienced, at such a young age.

Maranges played a huge role in the lives of her students by being the one that taught them many of the formative lessons of their educational careers.

The impact she had on her students

She taught thousands of students how to read, write, and interact with their peers over the years. Mrs. Maranges left a lasting impression on her students as she taught them a series of foundational learning skills.

They each had special moments and memories with her during their time in Mrs. Maranges’ classroom, and it didn’t take long for her students to discover that their teacher had a true love for all things related to Disney. 

She claims that Disney characters and movies held a special place in her heart.

A Disney-Worthy retirement present

When it came time for Mrs. Maranges to retire, her daughter arranged a very special trip to celebrate her success and honor her longstanding career as an educator.

Keeping her mother’s love for Disney in mind, Maranges’ daughter decided a trip to Disney World would be the perfect retirement gift.

Maranges had no idea this already-exciting trip included a very special surprise.

As Maranges journeyed through the Magic Kingdom, she stood to pose in front of Cinderella’s castle to take the iconic photograph that countless of others had done before her — but she had no idea how different her experience was going to be.

Maranges posed for a photograph but was almost immediately crowded by other guests of the park. At first, she didn’t know what to make of all the people that were getting closer and closer to her as she tried to take this very special picture.

Before long she noticed the guests that surrounded her weren’t strangers.

Past and current students had been asked to join this very special moment, in honor of their beloved teacher.

Maranges soon discovered she was surrounded by 75 students that she had left a lasting impression on – and this time, they were about to leave a lasting impression on her.

They had all taken time out of their busy lives to dedicate themselves to Maranges. The students journeyed to Disney World to be part of this very special moment and found a heartwarming way to truly show their teacher how much she meant to them, and how special and loved she was.

Disney was always such a special, magical place to Maranges, and this time, this fairytale amusement park was the center of a magical experience that really came to life.


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