Poor Man Who Hadn’t Eaten in a Week Delivers Woman’s Food – When She Opens Her Door, He Makes an Unusual Request

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Life doesn’t always go as planned. And sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves facing unforeseen challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the global job market, it hit hard, leaving millions unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

Including engineer, Sahil Singh.

After losing his job and moving back home to Jammu, India, Sahil, desperate for work, took the only job he could find — working as a delivery driver for Swiggy (the Indian equivalent of Uber Eats.)

Unfortunately, his paycheck wasn’t enough to cover his basic expenses. Despite putting food on his customers’ tables, he was unable to put food on his own. That is until a compassionate stranger and the power of social media changed his life.

The LinkedIn Post That Changed Everything

The day Sahil met Priyanshi Chandel he was nearing rock-bottom. He was living off of water and tea and hadn’t eaten in a week. He was in debt, unable to pay his rent, and couldn’t afford transportation, forcing him to deliver his orders on foot.

By the time he walked over 2 miles to deliver Priyanshi her ice cream order, he was spent. Nearly 40 minutes after placing her order, Priyanshi opened the door to discover an exhausted Sahil, “panting for air, sitting on the staircase outside my flat.”

Shocked by his appearance and with her internal alarm bells blaring, she asked him what happened.

Sahil didn’t hold back. He told her everything — that he was broke, starving, and didn’t even have a bike to do his deliveries.

But despite being penniless, he wasn’t looking for hand-outs. What he was looking for was a job.

“You might think am just bluffing, but I am a fully educated ECE grad, I used to work at NinjacartBYJU’S before I went home to Jammu during covid,” he told her before launching into a desperate plea for help.

“I am not asking for anything, please if you can find me a job, I used to make 25K before, I am 30 years old, my parents are getting old and I can’t keep asking for money from them.”

Priyanshi, moved by his story, decided to share his plight on LinkedIn alongside his contact information and photos of his degree and credentials.

A product marketing manager for StrategyCo Global, Priyanshi knew the power of networking.

“If someone has any openings for an office boy, admin work, customer support etc., please help a fellow out!” she wrote. “I’m not sure whether his plea was absolutely genuine or not, but the least we could do is try. Please do like and repost so that it reaches more people in your network.”

Her post went viral.

The Power of a Supportive Community

Priyanshi’s post reached thousands of people, garnering more than 17K likes and nearly 500 shares.

And her faith in the networking platform paid off. Five days after posting she added an update:

“UPDATE: He got a job!!! Thanks everyone who came forward, y’all are awesome 😃
Turning off the comments to avoid spam. :)”

So often we forget the difference that just one person can make. We lose sight of the impact of a simple act of kindness, a helping hand extended to someone in need. We tend to close our eyes and our ears to those who are struggling, thinking we can’t do anything tangible to help.

But Priyanshi’s willingness to listen, to share his story, and to use her network for good demonstrates the incredible power of compassion and community.

The reality is, we could all be Sahil. Our circumstances could change in an instant. After all, nothing in life is certain. But hopefully, should that happen, there will be people like Priyanshi who are willing to take the time and effort to help a stranger in need. Maybe that person is you.

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