Plus Size Man and His Size 8 Wife Receive Rude Comments From Haters – Come Up With the Perfect Idea to Silence Them

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Boy is crazy about girl. Girl is madly in love with boy. Against all odds and distances, the two join in a beautiful union.

A classic love story, right? For some salty souls, this couple is being branded ‘uncomfortable,’ ‘weird,’ and ‘not genuine.’

While it remains a sad sign of the times, their reaction gives us all reason to rejoice.

A Couple’s Chemistry Moves Oceans

You can say that Australia and the UK are worlds away. The distance between them is 15,287 kilometers or 8,254 nautical miles.

Traveling by water, it would take about 40 days by boat. And, if you’re sailing, it can take as long as 4 months, maybe less if the winds are just right.

For 26-year-old Sienna Keera of Australia, the winds were just perfect.

That’s because while she was traveling to the UK, her real destination was a man named George Keywood. And when they connected, the oceans are no match.

Keera first noticed him from the Netflix UK comedy series People Just Do Nothing on BBC. “I was attracted to his smile, his eyes, and of course his big belly,” she told

And in a leap of faith, she reached out to him online. After chatting on Instagram for 6 months, Keera crossed the pond to be with him. Following a magical 6 weeks together that saw them visit Amsterdam and Paris, Keera knew she had a keeper.

And so, despite some family friends urging against it, Keera quit her job as a personal trainer and moved to Surrey to live with her beau. After successfully popping the question in Venice, the two were poised to be husband and wife barely six months after their first meeting.

So what’s wrong with this perfect picture?

Sadly for some, everything.

A Plus-Sized Problem

According to some online trolls, the problem is that Keera is a size eight while Keywood is plus-sized (He declines to reveal his actual weight).

The mean spirits are quick to crash this couple’s party.

“She’s into the wallet, lad. Don’t be deluded!’’ wrote one.

“She’s just waiting for my mans to go into cardiac arrest,” chimed in another.

Along with online jabs, Keera also admits being out in public can also be a challenge.

“A lot of people stare at us in the street, which makes me feel uncomfortable because it’s rude, but I know we look different to other couples,” she says.

“That’s the sad world we live in right now, people being judged for being different and happy,” adds her husband.

Yet far from hiding and pouting, this couple turns the tables on their trolls instead.

How a Couple Hits Back at Their Trolls

Keera is posing in a racy, high-cut dress. Flanking her is her husband holding their lovely baby boy Oliver on his knee.

As JORDY’s song Sticks and Stones hits its crescendo, she dances excitedly with hubby cheering her on. The creative credits, popping on the screen of the video are the cruel words posted by their trolls.

“You two won’t last.” “This isn’t love.” “They are both so odd.” “It’s all fake for TikTok.”

It’s one of several videos that Keera and Keywood record together to rub in their faces.

The videos are a success, racking up millions of views. As the clicks grow, the sunshine from supporters came and washed the trolls away.

“Better cuddles!! You go guys,” cheered one while another said, “Absolutely beautiful couple.”

How One Couple Proves That Happiness Is the Best Revenge

Happy and with a bright future, Keera says that she and her husband are now focused on spreading self-love to others.

“Our aim is to encourage people to accept themselves for who they are. Thank you to everyone who supports us and sends positive messages our way,” she says.

I’d be willing to bet that with a little bit of self reflection, those trolls will tell you that the hate they direct at others is really intended for themselves. Like the old adage goes, ‘Hurt people hurt people.’

Meanwhile, being able to show unconditional love to others — like Keera and Keywood do –starts with loving who you see in the mirror.

For those who are still salty, Keywood has some bad news.

“If you want to judge, that’s fine, but we’re not going to change because of the hate.”

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