Overwhelmed Workers Sob After Manager Abandons Them – The “Host” Gives Two Customers an Idea

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We all know on a practical level that waitressing is a tough gig. But the truth is — at least for most of us, when we’re being served a plate of cold eggs — our ‘understanding’ nature goes right out the window.

The person we want to be (someone who understands it’s not the 17-year-old server’s fault our eggs are cold) is not the person we are in the moment (someone who’s giving the 17-year-old server a bad tip).

Honestly, it’s only human.

But one Texas mother and daughter duo are proving they may be superhuman — or at least, just really empathetic.

The Local Denny’s Diner Was Swamped

Sylvia Arredondo and her mother Idalia Merkel did the coolest thing possible when they arrived at a Denny’s that was short staffed.

Like, really short staffed.

Two college students were left to fend for themselves when their manager had all but abandoned them at the busy restaurant.

Arredondo and Merkel had come from a concert to grab a bite to eat and it seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea because the place was packed.

Arredondo was confused when an older gentleman sat them at a table. It seemed like the “host” didn’t really know what he was doing — because it turns out he didn’t!

The “Host” Gave Them a Great Idea

Arredondo would soon learn the “host” was actually just a customer who was trying to help organize the chaos.

He shared that his wife used to serve at a Denny’s. He understood first hand how low the federal minimum wage was ($2.13) — and how dependent those two college staffers were on tips.

As it turned out, only two college kids were working the late night shift. One girl was waitressing and one young man was cooking.

They called their manager and co-workers for back up…but nobody picked up the phone.

Understandably, the tag-team had been so overwhelmed by the crowd, the waitress broke down in tears. The cook comforted her, until he broke down in tears and she had to comfort him!

“All we knew was this sweet young lady and young man showed up to earn a paycheck, and we were all determined to not let them sink!”

Sylvia Arredondo, Facebook

Well, this was all the ammunition this one mother-daughter team needed to jump in a do their part.

Arredondo waited tables and her mother got to flipping burgers!

Read Sylvia Arredondo’s Story Here:

Arredondo managed to snap a picture of her mother behind the counter and shared the post to her social media page with a detailed caption sharing the unexpected twist their night took.

They Rolled up Their Sleeves and Got to Work

This one crazy night was reminiscent of the old saying, “When the doctor thinks, the patient dies.”

Instead of trying to get everything right — Arredondo and Merkel didn’t think — they just jumped right into action.

“I think at one point we even told someone, ‘I know this is not what you ordered but it’s food, and if you’re hungry you’ll eat it!’ No one had the audacity to argue with us!”

Sylvia Arredondo, Facebook

Arredondo continued, “My mom instantly became a cook’s helper and I became a waitress. Another couple started bussing and cleaning tables, another gentleman started washing dishes.”

It seems their work ethic inspired others to get up and do what they could — even if it wasn’t perfect.

One Person Can Change the Mood of a Whole Room

It sounds like a scene out of a movie.

The whole restaurant was working together to make the night a success! Many of them were inspired by Arredondo and her mother leading the charge.

“Once it was all said and done, strangers were hugging strangers and thanking each other for coming together and for their helping hand. It literally took a village. It was so heartwarming to see others pitch in to help and Do The Right Thing!!”

Sylvia Arredondo, Facebook

Going out of your way to be help clean up a mess you didn’t create can be really hard most of the time because it requires patience.

And when we’re “hangry”? Patience can definitely be in short supply.

But this mother-daughter duo put their grumbling stomachs on the back burner and got scrambling eggs on the front!

This was one situation where there wasn’t a silver lining. So these two incredible women made their own!

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