Man Raises 12-Year-Old Brother Alone in Damaged Home After Parents Death – Strangers Leave Them Speechless

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Twenty-two-year-old Jaylan Gray has been raising his 12-year-old brother, Julian, since losing their parents and grandfather.

But things got extra difficult when their home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey and a series of winter storms, and they couldn’t afford to fix it.

“At one point, I was just done with the house. I was ready to sell it at one point. It was too much weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t do it,” Jaylan told KPRC.

But they had nowhere else to go.

How Strangers Stepped in to Help 2 Texas Brothers

Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash

That’s when Katy Responds, an organization that helps Texas families whose homes have been damaged, stepped in.

The non-profit, along with numerous volunteers, renovated the damaged home for the brothers.

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Ron Peters, the executive director of Katy Responds, said the house was so badly damaged it was unlivable. “I want you to have a safe place to live. I want you to be able to not worry about your home, for a few years. This is what we do. It’s hard work. It’s non-profit work, but it’s why we do it is for those guys,” Peters told KPRC.

In footage, young Julian is seen fighting back tears when the brothers see the renovations for the first time.

I love it. I’m speechless, way more than we asked for. Completely grateful.

Jaylan Gray to KPRC

This gift will help Jaylan keep the promise he made to his mother before she passed away: to take care of Julian.

“[I] try my best to keep him in check, make sure he doesn’t get in trouble and make sure he’s loved,” Jaylan said while tearing up.

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The kind act also showed the boys they aren’t alone. “It makes me so happy to see that there’s good people. I just like the way we’ve been treated. I didn’t think anything good would happen,” Julian Gray told KPRC.

When a community found out about the harsh conditions two young boys were living in, they didn’t hesitate to take charge, and by doing so, they helped Jaylan and Julian Gray enjoy growing up without any major worries.


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