Man Gives Up Everything to Marry ‘One of the Heaviest Women in the World’ – And Becomes Her Full-Time Caretaker

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When Simon Johnson met Shannon Lowery while gaming online, it was love at virtual first sight.

“The first thing, maybe, was her smile. It sounds stupid but it’s true — personality, the way she looked, obviously. She’s a beautiful woman,” he said.

He was so sure she was “the one,” in fact, that he left his life in England and crossed a literal ocean to be with her.

And if that doesn’t scream true love, I don’t know what does.

Why One Man Gave Up Everything to Become His Wife’s Caretaker

Months after arriving in Tucson, Arizona, Simon and Shannon married. But their life together was far from typical. When Simon said “I Do,” he wasn’t just taking on the role of husband, he was taking on the role of caregiver.

Because for years, Shannon had been living in a nursing home. Weighing more than 700 pounds, and considered one of the heaviest women in the world, she was unable to take care of herself.

So Simon did it for her.

The newlyweds got a place together and although he admits it’s been a struggle, he’s never left her side.

For thirteen years, Simon has done everything for Shannon — from helping her get out of bed and dressing her, to bathing her and doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

And he’s more than happy to do it.

In an episode of the popular reality show, ‘My 600-Lb Life,’ Simon shared: “Shannon needs help with pretty much everything that a normal person needs to do. Simple things really that we take for granted we can’t do at the moment, so I have become her caregiver and I’m more than happy to look after her.”

How Did Shannon Lowery Become One of the Heaviest Women in the World?

When Shannon’s father and stepmother divorced, it had a profound effect on her life.

By the age of seven, she weighed 100 lbs. By 13, she weighed 250 lbs. And by 17 years old, she was 450 lbs.

Shuffled between relatives — with her mom, dad, grandmother, aunt, and great-aunt all taking turns to raise her — Shannon missed out on the security and stability that all children deserve.

Between food being scarce at her mother’s house and using food as a coping mechanism for her loneliness at her father’s house, Shannon’s obsession with food spiraled out of control.

By the time she was 27, she had attempted suicide, was hospitalized, and moved into assisted living. Two years later, she met Simon.

After being married for 10 years and not wanting Simon to have to continue caring for her indefinitely, Shannon decided to enlist some help.

The Power of True Love

She contacted Dr. Younan Nowrazadan (aka Dr. Now), the star of the show, My 600-Lb Life. Since appearing on the show, Shannon was able to lose some weight and is reportedly going to the gym three times a week.

According to a recent update on Facebook, she is also waiting for news on having weight loss surgery and is following a doctor-prescribed diet. And Simon? Is right where he’s always been.

True love transcends physical appearances, defies societal expectations, and perseveres in the face of adversity. It is selfless and unconditional.

Despite the challenges Simon knew he would have to face, he gave up everything to take care of the woman he loves, proving that when it comes to true love? It really does know no bounds.

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