Man completes 100-day McDonald’s-only diet, surpasses weight loss goal


When Kevin Maginnis said he was going to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 100 days to try and lose weight, most people thought he’d never make his 50-pound goal. But on day 100, Maginnis stood proud — and 58.5 pounds lighter.

Maginnis, a Nashville, Tenn. native, has been sharing his journey on TikTok, where he’s documented his fast-food order each day: a half portion of McDonald’s menu items for every meal.

He started the diet challenge at 238 pounds; when Maginnis stepped on the scale on day 100, he weighed 179.5 pounds.

To celebrate his 100-day milestone, Maginnis appeared on the Today show to talk about his journey.

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“I feel amazing,” Maginnis told the Today show hosts.

Maginnis said he has tasted the entire McDonald’s menu by now, from Big Macs to Quarter Pounders (though he left soda and sugary drinks out of the equation). So long as he could split the portion into two — for example, half a burger and half a portion of medium fries — it was fair game.

“Don’t get bitter while I’m eating my apple fritter and losing weight!” Maginnis joked.

Maginnis did not drink any alcohol during the 100-day challenge, instead opting for 80 to 90 ounces of water each day. He said he did not snack between meals and did not work out or perform any exercise. He did not add any fruits or vegetables to his diet, relying only on the fare already offered as part of the McDonald’s menu, like lettuce on burgers or blueberries in muffins.

He said he waits to “seek the heat before he eats,” meaning Maginnis only eats his three daily meals when he experiences a hunger pang. This way, Maginnis claimed, he is burning fat from his body’s excess reserves when he is not actively eating.

While visiting the Today show, Maginnis even provided answers to his critics who assert that eating strictly fast-food must be wreaking havoc on his body.

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Maginnis shared his bloodwork results, which allegedly saw his triglycerides down 205 points and his cholesterol at 65 points. He also claimed to be pre-diabetic, but said his sugars are in a “healthy” range now.

Maginnis has stressed numerous times in the past that he does not have a partnership with McDonald’s. Instead, he told the Today show hosts that he embarked on the self-imposed challenge because he believes weight loss is possible with any type of food.

“Stop vilifying food,” Maginnis said.

Though he acknowledged certain nutrients are essential to brain health, Maginnis said, “when it comes to getting rid of obesity, reduce the size of the meals.”

He continued to stress the importance of portion control: “Have a plan. Have some accountability.”

Maginnis’ wife, Melody Maginnis, also joined him on the McDonald’s-only challenge for the last 60 days of his experience. Maginnis said his wife has lost 17 pounds so far.

Now that his 100-day challenge is completed, Maginnis said he was going to celebrate with a big filet mignon; an offering certainly not available among his usual fast-food fare.

Still, Maginnis can’t leave the 100-day challenges behind. His next self-imposed test is to see if he can climb a 100-foot (30 metre) rope in 100 days.

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