Louisiana Woman Gives Free Wigs to Children Suffering Hair Loss — Their Reactions Will Warm Your Heart

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Putting a smile on a child’s face is one of the greatest joys in life. One wig shop owner made it her duty to help kids suffering from hair loss for various medical reasons.

Louisiana hairstylist and wig designer Tiffany Calix has been in the hair business for almost 15 years. She began her career as a stylist, booking clients and giving them a new look. After her third baby, her career path took an unexpected turn.

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Tiffany started suffering from postpartum hair loss. Inspired by her own journey, she wanted to help other women fighting similar battles. “Its a normal thing, but it’s not normalized”, Tiffany tells reporters.

She decided to move away from the world of styling and began creating custom wigs for women. “When I got into this business, I didn’t know how much hair loss actually effected people.” Tiffany says, “Whatever hair loss you’re going through, you’re not alone.”

A Booming Business Becomes an Opportunity to Give Back

After the wig business began to take off, Tiffany began to receive emails on a regular basis from parents of children suffering from medical hair loss. They explained to her that their children had been losing confidence at school and wigs fit for children’s heads were impossible to find. This broke Tiffany’s heart, resulting her to take on a new project.

Tiffany took it upon herself to create custom wigs for these children… for free. When asked why she decided to not charge for her services, Tiffany replied, “We all have a soft spot for children, especially when they’re going through something like that.”

The look on her clients faces after they see the result are all the payment Tiffany needs. She loves to see their jaws drop to the floor and their confidence restored.

“When you’re still young and in school, kids can be so mean.”, she said, “If you look a little different when you have no hair, they feel like they’ve lost a little part of themselves.”

Because of the success of her business, Tiffany is able to pay for the children’s wigs out of her own pocket. Individual wigs from her online shop wigsbytiffany.com can range from $1000-$2250, so things can get pricey. But none-the-less, Tiffany continues to move through online applications from parents because for her, it’s all in a day’s work.

Her Generosity Touches the Hearts of a Community


One parent wrote, “We want you to know we are and will be forever grateful to you for putting this beautiful smile back on on her face!” The wigs are made from real hair and the recipients couldn’t be happier with the product.

Because Tiffany refuses to charge for her services, she has opened up a fund on her website. There, the public can help raise money to get her the supplies she needs to continue making children’s wigs and at a faster rate. 

Through her constant service, Tiffany has shown that putting a smile on a child’s face is a better incentive than any financial reward. All she wants in return for her hard work is to see a child’s confidence double immediately. 


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