Hit-And-Run Victim Stunned When Enterprise Employee Goes Above and Beyond With Her Children

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Many people complain that customer service is a thing of the past with the rise of self-checkout and AI chatbots. Coty Vincent of Tulsa, Oklahoma, had a magical experience that proved that customer service does still exist, and it can change people’s lives. 

Overworked mom

Coty Vincent had been the victim of an unfortunate hit-and-run that had totaled her car. She needed to find a means of transportation while a permanent replacement was worked out, and hence walked into an Enterprise-Rent-a-Car with her twins. Frazzled with only a single stroller for her twins and unable to afford a double, the employee at Enterprise stepped in to give her a hand, literally. 

John saves the day

The Enterprise employee, named John Goodlett, scooped up one of Coty’s twins in his arms and, without missing a beat, continued to ring her up for her replacement car. It turns out that John himself was a twin, and he understood better than anybody how challenging raising two babies can be. 

Amazing aftermath

Coty was not able to offer a financial reward to John for his help, but she still wanted to show her gratitude. She shared the good deed on Facebook, and it went viral, being shared more than 25,000 times. John doesn’t feel like he did anything out of the ordinary, but he is still glad to see that his actions have had a positive impact in the world.

To see it come out this far and still be making noise, and making waves, it’s something you’ve got to be grateful for and take as a blessing.

John Goodlett

In fact, the impact doesn’t stop there. Goodlett’s Enterprise management found out about his actions and donated to the local Boys & Girls Club where Goodlett spent time as a child. Not ready to stop doling out the good deeds, the company also bought Coty the double stroller she needed.

I think that this world would be a better place if we all would just be a John. And we have to be that change that we want to see. We want to see more people like John, well, it starts with us.

Coty Vincent

Be like John

On Facebook, Coty encouraged all of those who came across her Facebook post to #BeAJohn.

Lending a helping hand to those in need seems simple, but it’s rarely done. If more of us were like John and readily helped our suffering peers, we would all be better for it. 

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lend a helping hand

One act of kindness could drastically change a person’s life for the better.

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