Enjoy These Two Hilarious Future Grandmas Scream With Excitement Following Pregnancy Announcement (VIDEO)

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Sharing pregnancy news brings with it a sense of excitement — especially when you’re telling your closest loved ones.

But this New Jersey couple wasn’t anticipating the level of genuine thrill their moms would display after hearing the news that they were expecting.

The two grandmothers, referred to as “nonna” in Italian, have gone viral on TikTok for their ecstatic reaction to learning that their son and daughter were expecting a baby.

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The two nonnas were captured shrieking with pure excitement when they realized mom-to-be Lina Siciliano was pregnant with their grandchild.

With an expression of shock on her face, Connie exclaims “are you f-ing kidding? Are you kidding? She’s pregnant!” The grandmothers continue to holler wildly, falling back on the couch, throwing their arms in the air, and embracing.

“We’re grandmas!” the two screamed to one another when the exciting news sunk in.

The screaming continues throughout the video, only stopping briefly for the pair to ask how far along Siciliano is.

“It’s early,” the mom-to-be said. “Only nine weeks.”

After a brief silence, the two women continue screaming and hugging each other in happiness.

“The best thing is they’re not acting,” Siciliano said of their reaction. “It’s so organic and hysterical.”

In May 2019, 36-year-old mom-to-be Lina Siciliano wanted to tell her mother, Serafina, and her mother-in-law, Connie, that she was expecting her first child. She recorded the moment that her husband gave her mother and mother-in-law framed sonogram photos, featuring their soon-to-be grandchild.

@yournonnas What do you get when you put 2 soon-to-be nonnas in a room together and tell them you are pregnant? The most insane and exciting reaction possible! This will always be my favorite video ❤️????????❤️ #italian #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #surprise #nonna #bestreaction #announcement #pregnant #throwback ♬ original sound – Connie ???????? and Fina ????

Although recorded in 2019, the video was only shared this month on Serafina and Connie’s TikTok account, @yournonnas, where it quickly went viral. The hilariously joyful moment is currently sweeping TikTok, where viewers can’t get enough of their endearing reaction. Siciliano posted the video on TikTok on February 6th and the post has already gathered over 760k views.

“My favorite thing is just the reactions of everyone viewing it. It is totally relatable but also … oh my god!” said Siciliano.

Siciliano predicted the mother’s reactions would be entertaining as both she and her husband are the youngest in their families. “It was their babies having babies,” she exclaimed. “I definitely thought that they would get up and maybe hug my husband and me and congratulate us. But their reaction was overwhelming to the point where I was shocked. I felt like I was the one being surprised!”

“Both of our moms don’t have their husbands and don’t have anybody at home, so being able to spend time with the family, especially their grandkids, is so fulfilling. It’s beautiful. And it’s the best when we ask them to watch the boys together because they entertain each other while having their grandkids.” Said Siciliano.

– Lina Siciliano, on her grandma’s viral TikTok baby reaction

Siciliano described the video as the “best pregnancy announcement you will ever see. [They] were unbelievably happy and excited that their day had come,” Siciliano told Storyful.

Since the 2019 video, Siciliano has welcomed a second son, making the viral pair nonnas once again.

Siciliano is now the mother to 18-month-old Enzo and 3-year-old Christian. When Christian was delivered, both grandmas were present in the delivery room. Siciliano said, “I wanted them in the room because we’re just very close. I lost my dad a couple [of] years ago, and my husband lost his dad a couple [of] years ago. They’re just part of our family.”

Since then, according to Siciliano, both grandparents are heavily involved in their grandchildren’s life, with Connie even declining a job offer to have more time to take care of her grandchildren. Siciliano told TODAY, “Connie watches Christian two days a week, then my mom actually comes over religiously — I’m not even kidding you, she’s not missed a day since Christian was born — every single weekend.”

Siciliano and her husband offered to enroll Christian in daycare to give the loving nonnas more time to themselves but Connie’s reply was “absolutely not.” Siciliano said, “Every time my son, Christian, leaves Connie’s house he has a new toy, new snacks, new whatever. Every time my mom comes over on the weekend, she has a bag full of a million things.” Siciliano says it has been wonderful seeing her mother and mother-in-law take care of her sons, laughing that the only drawback is her house being a mess since the grandmas let their grandkids do “anything that they want.”

“What do you get when you put two soon-to-be nonnas in a room together and tell them you are pregnant? The most insane and exciting reaction possible! This will always be my favorite video” wrote Lina in a caption accompanying the viral video.

It just might be one of our’s too.

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