Drew Barrymore Learns About the Sacrifices One Woman Has Made in Her Life – What She Does Next Is Shocking

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As Drew Barrymore talks with them, he’s in tears and she’s on the brink of crying too.

“You see so many people who don’t put in the effort, and I just like to see my reward,” the woman beams proudly.

While she’s speaking about the guest sitting next to her, in a few moments the spotlight will shine brightly on her.

A Drive-by Shooting Goes Viral

It was a regular day at the office for Myles Harris, at least it was supposed to be. He’s standing at the intersection, about to get started when a car pulls up unannounced.

“I’m trying to work!” shouting to the driver, “Don’t be holding up traffic!”

Recalling the moment to GMA, Harris pieced together what he thinks happened that day.

“She was running an errand and she saw our marked cars, so she said ‘Let’s take a look and see,’ and next thing you know, the video kind of tells the rest of the story.”

It sure does, as the voice shouts “Hi baby!”

The passerby is none other than Harris’s mother, Sandy. Her son is a reporter at ABC’s affiliate station in Columbus, Ohio and was about to go live when he spots her.

“That’s my mom, hold on,” he deadpans to his photographer, Deangelo.

The sweet maternal moment went viral with over 500,000 views on his Instagram. Yet, it’s about to land a primetime news slot.

Drew Barrymore Moved by a Mother’s Devotion

As the video blew up, talk shows came clamoring to speak with mother and son. One of them was Drew Barrymore, who had them both in her studio.

Speaking with Sandy, the hostess marvels that she’s worked three jobs.

“I’ve always worked three jobs,” she answers, adding that she put him through private school and sent him through college.

She adds that while it wasn’t easy, her motivation makes it all worth it.

“He played tennis, which is not a cheap sport, but I wanted him to have everything I didn’t have,” she recalled, as tears streamed down her son’s face.

But the real kicker comes when mom reveals just how much her son’s success means to her.

“He’s doing what I wanted to do. I went to school for journalism, I raised him, he’s doing it, so I’m living through him,” she says proudly as the crowd breaks out in applause.

That’s when Barrymore asks her a question that sets up some beautiful closing credits to this story.

How a Mother Proves That Devotion Builds Dreams

“Is it true that you haven’t had a vacation in 5 years?” asks that hostess.

Sandy replies that sadly she broke her ankle and had 4 painful surgeries that have left her houseridden for close to five years. “This is my nurse,” she says, pointing to her son. Shockingly, Myles adds that he’s never been out of the country.

That’s about to change, big time.

Barrymore tells them that she’s sending them both on an all-inclusive trip Cabo. There, they’ll stay at the brand new Villa La Valencia along with a cool $1,000 spending money. “You know in case you need some new suits or chocolates,” adds Barrymore.

The crowd absolutely erupts in hollers and applause for the beachbound mother-son duo.

Myles is slackjawed as his mom waves her arms. “Oh my God, thank you so much!” she says, as she hugs Barrymore.

Parents can probably relate to Sandy’s tireless devotion to her son and making all of his dreams come true. For someone who isn’t a parent, this is a priceless reminder of my mother’s unconditional love and those of millions like her.

Now, back to you.

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