Dear Intern: How an Honest Mistake Turned Into a Heartfelt Twitter Trend

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Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of human nature and absolutely inevitable.

If you’re an intern, you might feel like you’re more prone to mistakes than everyone else — but that’s not the case. We’re all human.

An intern from HBO Max (who recently dropped the “HBO” and are now just “MAX” in the blatantly worst marketing move of all time IMHO) accidentally sent out an email titled, “Integration Test Email #1”, to HBO’s massive subscriber list.

The company apologized and acknowledged that the flubber was “actually the intern” and in true contemporary fashion — the internet had the intern’s back.


The “email-gate” incident took place in July 2021 and as we near the two-year anniversary of the infamous Twitter thread, people of the internet just got together and collectively just decided to Lazarus this B*tch ! By which I mean: “raise from the dead.”

The tweets range from laugh-out-loud funny to downright heartwarming.

#DearIntern started trending on Twitter, with people from various industries and sectors standing up for the anonymous intern, offering other similar instances that had happened to them,

And, just like Carrie Bradshaw (the underhanded agenda I’m trying to push) I can’t help but wonder…

Sex and The City / HBO

…In a world where we are over-exposed to everyone’s highlight reel and are constantly told we are replaceable for the better model, do we need to be reminded that we’re only human?

The UK Supermarket Chain ALDI knows a little something about corporate slip-ups!

The slip-up in question:

Yeah, it’s a f*cking arm, Keith!!! Get your head out of the gutter!!


He just got them in the wrong order. Shout out to my friend Lana, who’s been on the receiving end of this for years. Pun intended.

To be honest, I’ve done this on purpose

Sales hit an all-time high that day

This one’s almost hard to have sympathy for…

We won’t ask the hard questions rn like, why this tab was even open in the first place???

Imagine refreshing your inbox to the polite request for…


This feels like a Freudian Slip

It’s a SICK, slutty world out there!


Clients 100% rethinking his choice of counsel

They were like: “No dice. Your ‘About Us’ say est. in 2013! Do you think we are FOOLS?!”

And last but certainly not least, *drumroll* the tweet that started it all:

Ultimately this life is a bit of a crash course in learning how to laugh so we don’t cry.

I think gaining the ability to laugh at your mistakes is one of the most important lessons we have to learn in this life.

And while yes, this Twitter thread is stacked with hilarious real-life “I’m gonna KMS” office blunders…I find (as it almost always is), the humor here is not-so-secretly a catalyst for a beautiful reminder: we’re all in the same boat (even if that boat is the Titanic and we’re all getting fired!!)

Yes, Gen Z is fragile! But we’re doing our best!*

*If you know me on a personal level and you feel the need to FACT CHECK ME! MAY I REMIND YOU, I’m like a year away from qualifying for Gen Z?? In fact, I have a pretty late birthday and if I was born like 5 months later, I would be Gen Z so get off my d*ck! I’m forever young, fun, and I refuse to wear sunscreen!


In a world where AI robots are coming for a job we need to remind ourselves:

Even though we’re not perfect we’re doing our best!!

And that even though we are living with our parents one day we will own our own house AND IF THAT’S THE DAY THEY DIE SO BE IT, GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!

AND THAT EVEN THOUGH, yes, our ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is a clean, delicate, 97-Pound “All-American” Beauty– and we’re one mortadella panini away from becoming the Greasy, Fast, 200-pound Italian Tank our Nonno always wanted us to beAND LET’S NOT NAME NAMES OK?? THIS COULD BE ANYONE OF US GATHERED HERE TODAY!!

At the end of the day, we’re doing our damn best :’)

Creepy Office Guy Uses Twitter Afterhours

AND MAYBE WE ALL are in need of a little more TLC in the workplace…unless of course, you are the office creep, who’s one more HR report away from PRISON.

In which case, I BESEECH YOU, to stop offering unsolicited back rubs to your female co-workers!

We all make mistakes, and sometimes the best route is to admit you were wrong and hope the internet rallies behind you.

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