Dad of 2 Daughters Has a Message About “Mom Bods” – Goes Viral For the Right Reasons

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It’s no secret that a woman’s body changes after children. After all, growing a literal human is no small feat.

And while men are often celebrated and embraced for their “dad bods,” women? Not so much. “Mom bods” are only celebrated if they don’t actually look like they carried or birthed a baby.

But one dad is working to change that, and he’s setting TikTok on fire with his body-positive anthem of the summer.

Dad of 2 Goes Viral For His Take On the “Mom Bod”


I 100% have a type hahah #dating #alberta #summerdress #smile #canada

Coby, who goes by @captaincoby00 on TikTok is a content creator and 40-year-old single dad of two girls. Much of his content revolves around kids, parenting, and dating but it’s a video captioned “When The Ladies With Mom Bods Rock Summer Dresses,” that’s making waves.

Garnering more than 6 MILLION views and counting, the video is turning the tables on the messages women are bombarded with daily regarding their bodies. And mom bods? Are FINALLY getting the appreciation they deserve.

Cody opens the clip with a view of him looking out his vehicle’s window, a scowl on his face, lip-syncing the words “Eww, what’s that?”

At first glance, it seems like this is going to go in a whole different direction and commenters were getting ready to throw hands.

I thought I was on the wrong side of tiktok for a second,” wrote one commenter. With another one chiming in, “*deletes scathing paragraph.*

But seconds later, he flashes a smile and the music changes, launching into the chorus of arguably one of Gen-X’s greatest hits (OF ALL TIME), Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth.

Needless to say, people were HERE FOR IT and the comments confirm it.

“FINALLY Mom bods are a thing.”

“Mom bods gave life. Literal life. It’s about time we recognize that instead of shaming them.”

“Trying to feel comfortable rocking a summer dress with my mom bod. My husband wants me to wear a sundress so bad and this makes me feel like trying it.”

“You’re the first person I have ever seen to express support/desire for mom bods. Thank you.”

I”‘m taking this as permission to buy that sundress and rock it like the overestimated, caffeine addicted, mother of 4 that I am.”

The Body Positive Movement


My last tiktok blew up so welcome to the party!!#dating #alberta #canada #smile #happy #mombod

Coby had no idea when he made the video that it would have such a huge impact. He just knew he wanted to show the mom bod some much-deserved love.

“The reason I made the video is because, unfortunately, it seems to be a trend these days where everyone loves a dad bod, but the mom bod never gets the credit it really deserves.”

– Coby via CafeMom

He’s not wrong. surveyed 2,000 of its members about their body type preferences when looking for a partner.

The overwhelming response: Dad bod for the WIN.

According to a PRESS RELEASE, the results of the study found that:

  • Nearly 75% of singles shared that they are a fan of the “dad bod,” meaning they like a figure that isn’t super chiseled.
  • Even though dad bods were a highly ranked preference, more than 20% of those surveyed also shared that body type doesn’t matter when it comes to finding a partner. They prefer to focus on personality over looks.

So forget the chiseled physique and pass the tacos and beer. Unless you’re a woman…because while men are enjoying the fruits of their non-labor (when it comes to the gym), moms are still not enjoying the fruits of LITERAL labor.

Embracing The Body We’re In

While “body positivity” is the buzzword of our times with movements encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies as they are, it’s easier said than done. The majority of images we see are unrealistic and powered by a billion-dollar industry profiting off of women trying to conform to impossible standards.

And for all the positive comments on Coby’s TikTok, there were heartbreaking ones too.

“This hit me hard. I’ve been so insecure about how to dress lately.”

“Do we actually look okay after 3 kids?”

“I have a mom bod but it don’t look great in a summer dress.”

Coby just hopes his daughters hear his message loud and clear and grow up feeling proud and confident in who they are, regardless of their shape or size.

As for all the women out there still feeling bad in the skin they’re in? Coby has this to say…

“My message to the women: Be you, be confident. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful. The body is the cover to an amazing book. It may have some love handles, muffin tops, or scars, but it makes you who you are and tells your story.”

*Featured image contains photo by Mitya Zotov

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