Creating a CALM tone for your comms


In a recent study, it was highlighted that ‘good comms between leadership & employees’ was the second highest factor in building trust within an organisation.

Take a moment to think about your own comms…

  • Are you selecting the right channel to deliver your message? What’s appropriate? What’s thoughtless? Using a non-public channel for some feedback is a great opportunity to build trust, for example.
  • Are you using the right comms tool for your location, and your team’s location(s)? (eg office, home, hybrid)

In our Supercharge Your Virtual Comms workshop, we teach the CALM method. CALM is a simple tool to ensure that when we are creating comms, we are clear on the effects it might have on the receiver:

Think CALM to:

  • Create Clarity – Does this create clarity and in a concise manner (think about Email etiquette and ensuring emails are concise and clear). Do I create confusion/clutter or clarify?
  • Affirm/clear Action – provide assurance that the recipient’s input is required, actionable and important, can also be about including info on the ‘why’ we need this so they fully understand the purpose of this piece of comms.  “as a valued member of the project team I really need your input on this”
  • Lead – does this piece of comms lead the receiver in a positive direction and does it provide focus on the task at hand?
  • Maximise – does this comms provide useful connection and nurture our business culture and values? Creating a link back to our common mission in all we do can help us prioritise too!

Here’s an example of how using our CALM method can improve your comms:

So before you embark on your next comms, think CALM and reap the rewards of clear, concise, and actionable communications with your team.

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