Chronically Ill Elderly Man’s Car Is Stolen – Stranger Steps in With Best Response After Hearing His Story

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Many of us rely on our vehicles to get us to and from work, but we could live without them if we had to. A man in Cleveland, however, relied on his car to get him to and from weekly doctor’s appointments, meaning that not having access to a car was a life threatening situation for him.

Why an Elderly Man Relied on His 1997 Saturn Sedan

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Robert Turner needed his 1997 Saturn Sedan to get him to and from weekly doctor’s appointments as he was suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

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The serious illness required regular medical care, which meant that Robert needed access to a vehicle. That is why when Robert woke up one day to find that his car had been stolen, it felt like his whole world had come crashing down around him. 

That’s our whole life, I mean, that’s how we get around. It’s hard to believe that people, at this day and age, would do that to people.

Robert Turner

Robert’s bad luck was so serious that it got some local coverage. Thanks to this media attention, Robert found that he had a guardian angel!

Doug, who saw the piece on Robert, decided to help the man out. He had a vehicle that he didn’t use and that he wanted to give to someone who needed it. After briefly passing it along to a family member, Doug’s vehicle needed a new owner and Robert was the perfect match!

How a Stranger Became an Elderly Man’s Guardian Angel

Doug found Robert’s contact information and called him up to let him know that he would be giving him a car. Robert was extremely grateful. He had been disappointed in humanity after his car was stolen, but his interaction with Doug changed his attitude. 

It was hard to describe, honestly, the way everything has been, and then somebody actually doing something like that it was just unbelievable.

Robert Turner

“We went to the shop. He filled it up with gas and he paid for all the transfers, the license, and new titles for me,” Turner said.

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After getting his new car, Robert got even more good news. The Canton Police Department had found his stolen car, although it was trashed. 

The story of Robert and Doug reminds us that whenever we have the means to help out and do something good, we always should. Not only are we helping someone in need, we’re creating bonds for ourselves that last a lifetime.

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