After 40 Years Together Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Refuse to Marry–How They Work Against the Rules

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are everyone’s “It” couple hailing back to the 1980s.

Honourable mentions include: Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder (’89), Christian Slater and Winona Ryder (’88), and don’t forget, Rob Lowe and…Winona Ryder (’87).

But in the anti-spirit of Winona Ryder (who has been allegedly married to Keanu Reeves for 30 years…a man she didn’t even date) Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have refused to tie the knot!

A fact that, after four decades together, Russel and Hawn’s adoring fans simply cannot let go!

Are Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Still Together?

The short answer:


The long answer:

Goldie Hawn may be the only woman who did not relate to He’s Just Not That Into You.

He’s Just Not That Into You, was the groundbreaking film that brought us female characters so cringe, it left an impression on me that I will carry with me, all the days of my life as a guide on what not to do.

Yes, I’m talking about a needy, “co-hosting”, Ginnifer Goodwin: re-filling chip bowls and cleaning up Justin Long’s apartment while he plays X-Box with a blonde model of stoic, thrilling, ice-cold germanic descent. Then trying to kiss him (and proceeding to be shut down) at 3AM after c*ckblocking him.

Then in a happy plot twist, to our glee Ginnifer Goodwin is the exception to the rule! We cross our fingers, while we wait to see if Jennifer Aniston, in one of the most savagely type-cast roles of all time, can secure a proposal from the commitment-phobic Ben Affleck (it only took you 3 decades and a round of menopause JLO, but you finally secured that bag 👅 yes girl get it 👅).

What does this movie have to do with Goldie Hawn?


Which is exactly my point.

Goldie Hawn is obviously way cooler than the women of He’s Just Not That Into You, and also, than me—who historically is always trying to tattoo my name on people, so they never forget me. (“Co-hosting” energy, if I’ve ever seen it).

After 40 years together, Goldie Hawn is the only woman, not trying to lock her man down—and perhaps this is because, she doesn’t need to.

He’s already hooked.

As Chekov once said, “if you are afraid of loneliness, don’t marry.”

At this point, the couple has been asked about whether or not they’re going to put a ring on it so many times—a trip down to City Hall and a signing of the papers, would probably just make their life easier???

Which makes me think, it’s just a protest at this point.

Come to think of it, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are like the Gloria Steinem to children of divorce, who don’t believe in “soulmates”, and love to make the argument that marriage is a “patriarchal institution”.

Did Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Have Kids?

While they may refuse to take a trip down the aisle to the tune of “here comes the bride” on the organ (which we honestly, more of us should be refusing to do) Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell share son Wyatt Hawn Russell (hot guy from 22 Jump Street) together.

But before they got together in 1983, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell both had other marriages…and other children!

Kurt Russell’s Son From His Previous Marriage

Russell was married to singer and actress Season Hubley (Hardcore, All My Children, and Elvis)

Kurt Russell and Season Hubley met on the set of not-Austin-Butler Elvis.

Russell played the title character Elvis with Hubley snagging the role of his leading lady, Priscilla Presley.

The pair married quickly in 1979 and welcomed their son Boston Russell the following year. But the couple’s burning love eventually burnt out, and the pair divorced three years after the birth of their son in 1983.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn went public shortly after Russell’s divorce. Their unofficial anniversary is Valentine’s Day of ’83.

(The rule is, even though Russell moved on real quick, we can’t hold it against him, because 40 years later, he’s still together with Goldie Hawn, which means, it was true love).

Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson’s Kids

Goldie Hawn was married to American Musician, Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers) from 1976-1980.

Though their relationship didn’t last long, the couple had two children together: Oliver Hudson (Rules of Engagement, Dawson’s Creek) and Kate Hudson (How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Almost Famous).

After the couple split, in an absolutely not shocking turn of events, Goldie Hawn’s ex-husband was not a huge fan of her new relationship.

The Feud Between Goldie Hawn’s Ex and Kurt Russell

The Daddy Drama all blew up on Father’s Day of 2015, when Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson’s biological son, Oliver took the opportunity of the sentimental day to post on his instagram.

The photo, with young Oliver and Kate Hudson posing with their father Bill would be sweet if it didn’t have the most savage caption of all time: “Happy Abandonment Day…@katehudson”.

His sister Kate Hudson doubled down on the “f*ck you dad” energy.

Kate saw the festering wound that was her father’s smashed pride and she set world records for how quick she grabbed that salt!

Usain Bolt could never compete with a daughter’s resentment towards her estranged father.

Kate Hudson took to instagram to post a photo of her and Kurt Russell.

She captioned the post “Pa…just simply. Thank You Happy Father’s Day I love you to the moon and back #happyfathersday”.

But what she meant to say was #happyfathersdaytoeveryonebutmyrealdad.

In the aftermath of what was probably one of the worst father’s days of BIll Hudson’s life, the father of five broke his silence on his relationship with Oliver and Kate.

“I had five birth children but I now consider myself a father of three. I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own”, he continued, “‘I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life. Oliver’s Instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth.’”

– Bill Hudson, Daily Mail

The former musician shares children Zachary and Emily with ex-wife actress, Cindy Williams (American Graffitti) and 17-year-old daughter Lalania Hudson with Caroline Graham.

It appears Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver have no relationship with their half-siblings, and have not mended their relationship with Bill.

Which, in defence of Bill, I feel his pain. It has to be hard to know, ‘Kurt Russell stole my wife and then also stole my children and is also hotter and more successful than me, and also was the male version of America’s Sweetheart, and also had a reported net worth of $100 Million Dollars?? And my kids called him “dad” but only ever called me “dickhead.”‘

A moment of silence for Bill. Who’s last appearance was being the butt of this Family Guy joke.

All this to say, unlike Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Dakota Johnson—there was no “conscious uncoupling” when it came to the Hawn-Hudson-Russell family triangle.

It seems like Wyatt Russell turned out pretty good though (and his parents were never married) and MAYBE THATS THE POINT KURT RUSSELL AND GOLDIE HAWN ARE TRYING TO MAKE.

How Much Older is Goldie Hawn than Kurt Russell?

While their nearly six-year-age difference doesn’t wave any red flags now with the actors both in their 70’s, when the couple first met…it was a different story.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s romantic relationship may have begun during the shooting of the Romantic-Drama Swing Shift (1984) the couple actually met 15 years before that!

Hawn met her younger-boyfriend-to-be for the first time when they were both filming the 1968 Disney musical The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. 

Despite their nearly six-year age difference, Russell made a strong first impression on the older, doe-eyed blonde bombshell.

“I was 21 and he was 16 and I thought he was adorable but he was much too young. And then years later we met up again and I liked him and I remembered that I liked him very much when I first met him. But we both said we would never go out with another actor so it just shows you never can tell.”

– Goldie Hawn

They are The official poster couple that happy hollywood endings can come true! Right behind them, coming up in the ranks, is doting-husband Adam Sandler.

RELATED: Jackie Sandler (Adam Sandler’s Wife) and The Story Behind Their 22-Year Romance

The couple have had so many ups and downs in the last 40 years.

Together they’ve survived it all (and in the public eye): children, grand children, and the conspiracy theory that they’re actually in an open relationship (good for them. If Goldie Hawn can still get it on at 77, don’t you dare stop her!) leaving fans all asking the same question…if they can get through all that, they can get through anything.

So why knot tie the knot?

Why Don’t Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Get Married?

Goldie Hawn finally broke her silence on why her and Kurt Russell have no plans to say “I do”.

In an interview with CNN, Hawn reveals to Chris Wallace her thoughts on marriage and why it’s not for them.

With both Russell and Hawn having been through it, Hawn concluded that divorce “is always ugly”.

She disclosed to Wallace that she enjoys the freedom of choice. That she wakes up everyday and chooses to be with Russell and vice versa.

“Relationships are hard. They’re not always easy. There’s all kind of hurdles that we go through. There’s things that we believe and things that we don’t believe in that we agree on. So I think ultimately staying independent with independent thinking is important so you can hold onto yourself and you can actually have that feeling.”

– Goldie Hawn, CNN

The couple have never understood the public’s fascination with their marital status.

‘Why does anybody care about that?’ We’d asked our kids if they cared about it. They didn’t. We didn’t.”

– Kurt Russell

In 1989, while hosting the Academy Awards together, the couple teased potentially getting hitched in their opening monologue, which Russell admits, was scripted to appease their fans.

Over 30 years later, Goldie Hawn spilled to PEOPLE their secret to making their relationship work, and why marriage had nothing to do with it!

You’ve just got to want to be together. I don’t think there’s any way other than do it.“It’s not about the marriage,” she continued. “It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together. And that’s a big one because if you want it, you can have it. You’ve got to give things up, but the joy and the excitement of being together and touching the toes of somebody at night is really a nice feeling.”

– Goldie Hawn, PEOPLE

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