A Lonely Boy’s Friends Ditch His Birthday Party – But a Surprise Rescue Saves the Day

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Dominic Giatras’ parents rented a gym play area for his seventh birthday party. It was going to be a perfect birthday at GymQuest, in Plainfield, IL, that has everything from trampolines to foam pits, and even a rock climbing wall and a trapeze.

Twenty children were invited to the party, but despite his mother receiving plenty of RSVPs saying they were coming, only one guest showed up.

Firefighters Step in When They Receive a Call for Help

Noreen Mattson, a GymQuest coach, was responsible for checking in the guests as they arrived; her heart sank with every passing minute.

Noreen noticed some moms from a previous party lingering in the lobby. One of them was married to a firefighter and Noreen decided to call the fire station.

“I called . . . I was a little emotional. I thought maybe they thought it was a prank call cause it wasn’t an emergency,” Noreen said to WGN News.

The Little Boy Was Overjoyed When He Saw the Unexpected Guests

The Plainfield Fire Department rolled up to Dominic’s party for an epic surprise. Twelve firefighters arrived at GymQuest on a rescue mission and their arrival changed everything.

We got the call at the firehouse. We heard what happened, what was going on. Absolutely the look on everybody’s faces was ‘let’s go there and help out.’

Lt. Eric Jensen of Plainfield Fire Department to WGN News.

“He was ecstatic. He was overjoyed and the smile never left his face,” Noreen told WGN News.

They joined Dominic in a Nerf gun battle, jumped into the foam pit with him and even stayed for pizza and cake.

How Complete Strangers Gave a Little Boy a Memorable Day

In addition to being heroes during life-threatening emergencies, these firefighters saved a boy’s birthday party and turned his day from a sad one to an unforgettable one.

And I just pushed a firefighter in there, and then I jumped on him!

Dominic Giatras told WGN News

Like Lt. Eric Jensen told WGN News, “If we can make somebody’s day a happy day, I think that’s what we should be doing.”

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Make somebody’s Day A happy Day

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” ― Roy T. Bennett

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