16-Year-Old Puts Her Abusive Father in Jail – Today, the Police Officers Who Arrested Him Walked Her Down the Aisle

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On July 15, 28-year-old Ivy Jacobsen walked down the aisle to wed her now-husband Tristen.

Despite not having her father there, she didn’t walk alone. Because while he may not have been there for her, 15 other men were.

And whew, you’re gonna want to grab the tissues for this one.

Why the Father of the Bride Wasn’t at His Daughter’s Wedding

Ivy was just 16 years old when her abusive father walked into a prison cell and out of her life. A sophomore in high school, Ivy played a pivotal role in having her dad arrested and convicted after enduring years of sexual abuse.

In July 2013, after three separate trials, Ivy’s father was convicted of rape of a child and child molestation. He’s currently serving 16 years in prison.

After the last trial ended, Ivy was finally free to rebuild her life. She graduated high school and became a law enforcement officer. She currently works as a school resource officer in East Wenatchee, Washington State, which she says is her “dream job.”

And now, she’s a newlywed.

And through it all, there have been a number of men who stepped up when her father so miserably failed. Men who shouldered the responsibility of helping to raise her, mentor her, and love her. Men who selflessly made sacrifices to help a child who wasn’t their own.

Men, she says, without whom she’d “be on the streets.”

Men who taught her the true meaning of what it is to be a father. Including her father’s arresting officer, David White.

15 Men Step Up to Walk a Bride Down the Aisle

Ivy knew that on her wedding day, she wanted to do something special to pay tribute to the men in her life that stood by her when she needed them most.

“I wanted to honor these 15 men because they were true examples of FATHERS who deserved to be called ‘DAD,’” Ivy wrote in an Instagram post.

So, she invited them to continue their journey with her…down the aisle.

Wedding planner Karrah captured the heartwarming moment on camera and uploaded it to TikTok where it’s been viewed over 12 MILLION times. Because it’s THAT BEAUTIFUL.

As the bride makes her way toward the altar, the men take turns accompanying her, two at a time with one on either side. They hold hands and usher her a few steps down the grassy path before handing her off to the next pair of waiting men.

The caption on the video tells a powerful story: “On her wedding day, she asked 15 of the most important men in her life to escort her down the aisle.”

“These men included her brother, brother-in-law, childhood coaches, and the police officer who arrested her father.”

With each step, it’s obvious that this is so much more than just a love story between a man and a woman on their wedding day. It’s a love story between a woman and her “fathers.” The men who CHOSE to stand with her throughout her life.

(Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry).

When Ivy reaches Tristen the officiant asks, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” Her entourage thunderously responds with a collective, “We do.”


How One Woman Is Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

The gut-wrenching video is melting hearts around the world. In addition to its 12 million views, it’s also garnered over 1.8M likes and 17K comments.

“I can’t stop crying. this is so beautifully heartbreaking 💓,” writes one emotional commenter.

Another writes, “This is beautiful. I’m so grateful she has all these amazing men to show up for someone who couldn’t in the first place. ❤️”

“Her Village! they all gave her what she needed in a dad!” writes a third.

But it isn’t just the men who stepped up that make this so beautiful. It’s Ivy. Her strength, her resilience, and her overwhelming courage.

“Thank you for sharing this and being vulnerable. As a survivor of domestic abuse due to a very abusive marriage, I admire your strength to live above what you’ve experienced,” writes one person.

“Wow, as someone who grew up with an abusive father and let him walk free, I am so proud of her for standing up for herself. She deserves to feel safe and protected,” writes another.

In an interview, Ivy credits David White, her father’s arresting officer, and her own student resource officer from middle school, with being a hero. But the truth is, she’s the hero.

Despite enduring unthinkable trauma by the man who she should have been able to trust the most, Ivy is thriving.

And now? She’s using her own tragedy to help others.

From Hurt to Hope

In a follow-up TikTok, Ivy thanks viewers for their outpouring of love. She also reminds people that they don’t have to live a life imprisoned by their trauma.

“We all have a story that shapes us — it does not define us — but shapes us and empowers us in ways to move forward.”

Ivy Jacobsen

Ivy is definitely moving forward. And thanks to the unbreakable bonds she shares with 15 very special men who prove that love really does have the power to triumph over tragedy, she’s not doing it alone.

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