14 Questions: How Well Do You Know HR? (Vol. 2) (i4cp login required)


Do you think you know Culture Renovation®? Organizational Network Analysis? Or just random facts about i4cp? Put your knowledge to the test again in part 2 of our HR Trivia. These questions were posed to attendees during Day 2 of the i4cp 2021 Next Practices Now Virtual Conference. Good luck!

Scroll to the bottom for answers.

  1. According to Kevin Oakes’ Culture Renovation®, 57% of organizations who were highly successful in renovating their cultures did what to achieve Blueprint Action #2 of Culture Renovation?
    1. Were intentional in ensuring that the best of the company’s existing norms were preserved and fundamental values and history were woven into the new culture.
    2. Adopted a new company mascot.
    3. Made sure to host a virtual happy hour every week.
    4. Invested in the company fun merchandise.
  2. The size of your network is more important than the diversity of perspectives, level of expertise, and quality of values.
    1. True
    2. False
  3. Companies that choose to use organizational network analysis are able to identify important network roles such as:
    1. Boundary spanners
    2. Central connectors
    3. Energizers
    4. Slackers
    5. All of the above, except D
  4. What percentage would rank an organization’s culture as more important than compensation?
    1. 32%
    2. 56%
    3. 82%
    4. 94%
  5. According to i4cp’s research, what was the most common inhibitor to organizations’ culture change efforts?
    1. The company tolerated the behavior of leaders who resisted the change
    2. Lack of clarity about the type of culture desired
    3. Inability to monitor or measure whether the culture change was taking root
    4. Lack of incentives for leaders who exemplify the desired culture
  6. According to Kevin Oakes’ Culture Renovation®, which of the following statements are NOT recommended when creating a lasting and impactful purpose statement?
    1. It should be relevant
    2. It should operate on many levels
    3. It should evoke emotion and differentiation
    4. It should be enduring
    5. It should be wordy to capture the right sentiment
  7. Two-thirds of organizations that successfully changed their culture first gathered sentiment and related data from the workforce to understand how employees viewed the existing culture.
    1. True
    2. False
  8. Based on i4cp’s Leadership Redefined study, which behavior became more important for organizations with increased engagement, healthier culture, and increased market performance in 2020?
    1. Leaders were more focused on employee well-being
    2. Transparency became a key ingredient for success
    3. Leaders sought to understand
    4. Leaders became more agile
    5. Leaders developed a digital mindset
    6. All of the above
  9. What percentage say their culture became stronger during the pandemic?
    1. 15%
    2. 30%
    3. 45%
    4. 65%
  10. According to Blueprint Action #5 of Kevin Oakes’ Culture Renovation®, which of these are individuals you need to identify to help your Culture Renovation?
    1. Influencers
    2. Energizers
    3. Blockers
    4. All of the above
  11. Which of the following does organizational network analysis NOT help your organization address?
    1. Promoting rapid innovation
    2. Introducing new leaders
    3. Driving diversity, equity, and inclusion
    4. Learning who gets paid more than others
    5. Improving employee well-being
    6. Leading a culture renovation
    7. Managing a merger or acquisition
  12. According to Rob Cross’ research, what is the biggest predictor of success?
    1. Having charisma
    2. Increasing your network size
    3. Having a large vocabulary
    4. Being an energizer
  13. According to Kevin Oakes’ Culture Renovation®, what did 40% of organizations that successfully renovated their cultures do to achieve Blueprint Action #8 of Culture Renovation?
    1. Replaced leaders who were not willing or able to embrace and model the desired culture.
    2. Change their organization’s name.
    3. Gave their entire workforce bonuses.
    4. Bought a trampoline for the company headquarters.
  14. What percentage of i4cp’s workforce is named Kevin?
    1. 1%
    2. 5%
    3. 11%
    4. 17%

ANSWERS: 1-a, 2-b, 3-e, 4-b, 5-a, 6-e, 7-a, 8-f, 9-c, 10-d, 11-d, 12-d, 13-a, 14-c

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