14-Month-Old Girl Sees Clearly For The First Time in New Glasses (VIDEO)

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A young girl’s life has been transformed after she received her first pair of glasses and inevitably saw the world clearly for the first time.

In a heartwarming video, a 14-month-old toddler named Lonnie momentarily struggles as her mother puts a pair of glasses over her eyes. She even tries to push the glasses away as they are placed on her face, visibly displeased.

What starts out as discomfort instantly turned to awe as her expression transforms. The young Lonnie looks around in wonder, even dropping her jaw.

She looks around the room, presumably at her family, likely taking in their faces clearly for the first time in her life. Her reaction sparks laughter from those off-screen, who soon encourage the toddler to “look at mommy” — which she eventually does.

In the touching video, Lonnie takes off her glasses to inspect them as if they are magic.

The undated video appears to take place inside a pediatrician’s office, though no additional context was added by the uploader.

What does shine through quite clearly is the toddler’s unbridled joy, which quickly made its rounds across the internet. The brief video went viral and was reshaped by a former Norwegian diplomat, Erik Solheim, who claims, “the best use of science and tech is to improve quality of life.”

One Twitter user responded to the video claiming that Lonnie suffered from Accommodative Esotropia — which happens when one or both eyes cross while trying to focus.

Though it is unclear if Lonnie actually suffers from the syndrome, Accommodative Esotropia often occurs in children and glasses can reduce the focusing effort and help the convergence of eyes and help to straighten them.

Several other responses to the video were overwhelmingly positive, with one user commenting that the video “made my day — God, this is beautiful.”

“Wow, this is so beautiful! Congratulations sweetie on your new glasses,” said one response.

The purity of baby’s reactions is very infectious and merits getting thousands of views.

Embedded below, another similar situation plays out with a child who is even younger. The moment vision is corrected, it is clearly impossible for one to contain themselves, as emotion spills out.

This moment is especially poignant in a pre-verbal child, as emotion meets the limits of their expression and spills out in beams and laughter.

Watching the joy of newfound eyesight on those like Lonnie can serve as a powerful reminder of the beauty of being alive and aware.


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