10-Year-Old Sells Lemonade to Help Her Mom Buy Clothes for the Family – Now, She Has Taken Her ‘Business’ to New Heights

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Running a lemonade stand seems almost a rite of passage for kids everywhere.

Many share the common memory of setting one up in the summer, hand making a sign, and hoping to make a few extra dollars. The process instills a sense of responsibility, independence, and early financial acumen.

For many, it might be just a fun summer activity, or way to interact with the community. However, one young girl in Fort Wayne, Indiana took her lemonade stand to new heights.

The Business Venture a 10-Year-Old Girl Has Started

Unsplash/ John Angel

10-year-old Naivy Bloxson and her two siblings started their stand like many other children to help their mother buy school supplies and clothes for the family.

However theirs has continued for six years, turning into a small enterprise! Their mother, Danielle Bloxson, says it’s even grown so much that the kids have extra money to buy things like hoverboards and scooters to ride around.

However, the venture is not solely driven by profit.

Speaking on the various benefits of the stand, Naivy’s mother told a local publication: “It’s so awesome. I work in a school, so I know how important those things are: learning, counting money, interacting with people you know all of those things are such great assets to have when they get older.”

The success of their stand is no stroke of luck, though. Naivy is a shrewd marketer, and has even taken to using the hashtag #BestLemonadeinthe08 to promote her budding business on social media, for example.

A cup of lemonade at her stand is priced reasonably at 50 cents, and a gallon is available for $5. They even have a variety of flavors, including raspberry and cherry pomegranate lemonade — as well as a strong selection of snacks to choose from.

Why a Little Girl Loves Her Lemonade Stand

The stand has become a fixture in the community, and the local police department is even a loyal patron. Many of her customers are regulars now, and have grown familiar with both the business, and it’s charming young executive.

“It’s really good because I get to meet a lot of new people every day. So it gives me more confidence in doing the lemonade stand,” Naivy told another publication. She also added that she’s picking up valuable skills from running the stand, “like learning how to count money better and learning how it would be like to have my own business when I’m older.”

For the young entrepreneur, the stand is clearly more than just an avenue to buy more hoverboards and scooters. Meeting new people and engaging with customers enhances her confidence, laying a strong foundation for future endeavors.

In fact, though her mother originally purchased the stand, she has since been paid back entirely — making young Naivy a bonafide business owner.

How One Little Girl Proves the Importance of Commitment

a sign talking about fresh lemonade with lemons placed in front of it
Unsplash/ Rod Long

Entrepreneurs of all ages can learn from Naivy’s ambition. While her journey certainly sets a strong example for children everywhere, even older entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from her attitude and resolve.

Naivy likely had to weather slow phases of the business, engaging in trial and error with elements such as marketing and pricing. While many are quick to celebrate success stories such as this one, what often gets overlooked is the persistence to stick with a plan even when it seems futile.

So, let Naivy’s story be a reminder to those of all ages: success is not solely measured by immediate results but by the unwavering commitment to one’s dreams and resilience. Through persistence, adaptability, and an unyielding belief in our vision, we too can overcome obstacles and forge a path to success in any field.

Naivy’s journey serves as a timeless example that no matter age or circumstance, our goals are always within reach if we have the courage to persist. Time will tell where Naivy’s path leads her, but it will certainly benefit from her early business experience.

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